Friday, August 2, 2013

Chocolate Coconut Rum Cake...

We had a wonderful time & severval days at the Summer ranch last week.....It was also Hubby's birthday so I baked a cake! OH MY WAS it GOOD!
Chocolate Coconut Rum Cake

No fancy plates at the Ranch...But the cake was FANCY enough!!!

We are in a VERY rural area at the ranch....And when you DO go to town, you DON'T always find everything you need! So you use what you find!
1 Standard German chocolate cake mix
Eggs according to cake mix directions...mine called for 3 eggs
2 cans of coconut pecan frosting
Baking oil, *use cake mix instructions, mine was 1/3 cup of oil
1 1/4 cups of coconut rum, *I replaced the rum with the water that was called for in the cake mix recipe
In addition...you will need:
12 pecan shortbread cookies, crushed 
1/4 mini chocolate chips
1/4 cup of chopped pecans
1/4 cube of butter, melted
1/4 cup of coconut rum
Bake cake in an oven according to the cake mix directions...allowing for altitude changes
*We were in a high altitude area..therefore I needed to make a few changes....
See directions below....

Mix the Cake according to the directions, replacing the water in the recipe for Coconut Rum....YUM!
Mix cake well and bake according to the box....
"Love my baking pan, no washing if I don't feel like it!" HeeHee
We are not high tech or up-to-date at the ranch....Baking can be a challenge! BUT Hey, it WORKS! Well...Kind of...haha
While the cake is baking prepare the topping....
Crush 12 shortbread cookies in a baggie or container
add 1/4 cup each of mini chocolate chips & chopped pecans
Blend well together, set aside
I crushed my cookies in a gallon baggie...
These ingredients are mixed together....
The cake is baked, slightly cooled and ready to frost.
Me & Granddaughter K-8
HINT: * If Brother-in-law asks YOU to help move some cattle to a new field while the CAKE is in the OVEN....MAKE SURE Hubby, WHO'S watching the CAKE....KNOWS to WATCH the CAKE...NOT the RIDERS in the FIELD!!! Next time I well say...Repeat after ME...
She's a Beauty and Outstanding in HER field!
HIS (Hubby) birthday cake was a little DONE on the TOP!!! 
"Yikes!...Oh Well...Rum fixes everything!"
Spread Coconut frosting over the top of the warm cake...
Next melt 1/4 cupe of butter and 1/4 cup of coconut rum together, stir and set aside
Then, add crushed cookie mixture on top of the frosting. 
Lightly pat down the cookie mixture over the frosting...
Drizzle the Rum Butter over the top of the cookie mixture...
Use all the butter....
Place the cake back in the warm oven (oven should be turned off) to rest and meld the chocolate chips into the cookie mixture
This CAKE is so Chocolate-y & RUMlicious!
 The Cookie Crust Top was AMAZING....
Now that's my kind of Ranch Table!
Serving Coconut Rum Cake with Ranch Style...
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Happy Anniversary to my Daughter & Hubby...16 years today!
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Unknown said...

Wow that looks amazing! No worries about the too a little to done. That frosting would definetly fix that !! Yummy ;)

NeeCee said...

Thank you...Ms. unknown aka Wendy! You would love this cake...it was amazing.....we've had over 300 viewers on this postis a day and a half! ...so easy and so good!, gotta try it....NeeCee