Monday, February 24, 2014

Vanilla Sugar Scrub Recipe

Simple pantry items create a wonderful Spa-like Sugar Scrub in minutes for pennies on the dollar!
Here is my first shared "O'Love My Style"  Beauty recipe from Pine Creek Style....Enjoy...XO, NeeCee

Vanilla Sugar Scrub by NeeCee
1 cup of coarse Sea Salt
1/2 cup of coarse Raw Sugar
1/2 cup of refined Sugar
1 teaspoon of Vitamin E Oil
1 teaspoon of Almond Extract, Pure & Clear
1/2 cup of Vanilla Almond Oil or  just Almond Oil
1 cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mix all ingredients together well.  you are done!
You may need to stir the scrub before using....If need be...add a small amount of Olive Oil to re moisten the scrub...
These make awesome gifts....Quick, Easy & Inexpensive!
*I package my sugar scrubs in pint size mason jars. I place a small amount in a plastic container for the shower or bath.

Brown Sugar Coconut is the next "O'Love My Style" Beauty recipe..... Stay tuned!

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