Thursday, December 17, 2015

Star Light, Star Bright..Our Little Christmas Tree

This year has been crazy busy....Too much going on....So I opted for a small Tree this year...
I chose a Star of Bethlehem Tree, 4 feet tall, But plenty tall for one of my favorite Nativity's.
My tree has a Star of Bethlehem theme; Clear lights, Tin stars, A Tin Bucket for the tree stand, Burlap ribbon, & Spruce Green floral picks to blend with the tin colors. and, lets not forget the Star tree Topper!
I also placed a Cast Iron Cross in the center of the tree to commemorate Jesus' birth...

We placed the tree in the Living room near the stairs
I love this wooden Nativity Scene, I found it  several years ago at TJ Maxx....Absolutely my favorite!
"I love the Baby Jesus in the Manger"

Star Light, Star Bright

And, I had to decorate dad's saddle... It's well over 100 years old and has a Fleur De Lis design throughout the Saddle.
One of my most cherished belongings...
Beautiful....I love it!
Have a wonderful Holiday Season....
 photo photo-12_zpsb1f5b574.jpg

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