Thursday, December 22, 2016

This is NOT our Elves first Rodeo at the River Ranch....

Our little Norwegian Elf, Gunhild (my Granny's namesake), went on a few wild rides & more this week at our house. She even Coaxed our Hurley Elf (named for my Dad who loved Christmas) & our Baby Elf ....to join in on her antics. Enjoy and Merry Christmas to all....

                                               WhooHoo....She's out for a wild ride....

                                                                Peek-a-boo Santa....
                                                    Let's rock n' roll this christmas tree!
                                                   Uh oh!!!.....Sliding down the banister!!!
                                         Too much fun...Wonder how many times she did this???

          Gunhild loves the Steers! This steer, niece Pais...raised & bought from cousin Cowgirl K-8.
                         TeeHee.....Scouting for Ornery & NeeCee, so not to be caught!
                                                   Obviously, this is NOT her first Rodeo!

                                    QUICK!!!  Make like a statue, then they won't see us!!!!
    La-dee-da-da....Hee-Hee :)))
                                                      And, she's off to the races!!!!
 Out for casual ride...Sitt'n pretty!
 Do you think I'll be noticed???
 Quick, ... POSE!
Cute lil stinker! 
Checking the stockings for treasures...
 No one can resist babies! Awe....
A little mutton busting to pass the time! 
 YeeHaw Cowgirl!!! Bling it, I mean Bring it!
 Let's go for a ride!!! But don't tell anyone....
                                                                   Hide & Seek...
                                   Admiring Papa Herman's brand...The Rock'n Keyhole!
 Saddle up for school....
 Trick riding.....
 I LOVE COWS....& I will ride any ranch animal I can!!!
 Hang on, this is one wild ride partner!
 I'm winning.....WhooHoo!!!! ....Teaching the Baby naughty things.....
                             Uh oh!!! ....Sheriff Woody is chastising Gunhild for take'n his HAT!
                                                    Never steal a CowBoy's hat...EVER!
 OK...Is she load'n or tak'n the tree!!!!:)))
 OOPS! Hurley & Baby Elf are starting to join in the game.....
 Silly Baby wants to play!!!!
        Now this fits Hurley to a "T"...My dad, bless his soul, loved Christmas and practical jokes!
                                                  Hurley is mailing his list to Santa....
(My Dad was the downtown mailman in my hometown, along with being a volunteer fireman & Fire Marshall.) Wonderful memories of Christmas this man created!
 The Baby didn't want to be left out of Jesus' Birthday Celebration!
 She has her sweet moments....
 See...WHAT did I tell you?...SWEET!
 Hamming it up, that he wrote his letter to Santa!!!!
AND...Checking it twice!
She certainly was enjoying her JOY!
AND thats....Truth be told!
She may be getting coal in her stocking this year!
 photo photo-12_zpsb1f5b574.jpgMerry Christmas Everyone!

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