Saturday, January 14, 2017

Homestyle Mac 'n Cheese...Diet friendly!

Who doesn't love comfort food! Especially when you start that dang diet again! Haha... It's that time again, the "I ate too much through the Holidays, got to go on a diet NOW" time! :))))
Anyway, my daughter and have teamed up to work together support wise...as we go on our choosen diets and exercise routines! Here is my first post for the "Lean 'n Mean Cuisine " recipes....

Homestyle Mac 'n Cheese
  TheCattleQueen Cooks


1 box of DreamFields corkscrew pasta
Enough water to cover about an inch over the pasta in a deep pot or cast iron pan.
1 chicken broth soft cube, Knorr's brand. *(Or add one can of chicken broth with some water to cover as mentioned above)
1 jar of cheddar cheese dip, (Find in the Chips & Snacks aisle)
1 bag of shredded cheddar cheese, about 2 cups
Season with pepper or a non salt seasoning, (the broth has plenty of sodium or use a low sodium)
1 small jar of pimentos with the oil
3 strips of bacon cooked crisp and crumbed for topping.
Chives for garnish


In a large stock pot, add the past, water, broth cube and jar of pimentos /oil. Boil until the pasta is cooked. No need for draining liquids.
Fold in the jarred cheddar cheese dip & stir well.
Next, add the shreaded cheese and blend.

Ready to serve...
Add some crumbled Bacon on top and garnish with Chives.

A  "Lean 'n Mean Cuisine" meal for a Low Glycimic Diet

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