Friday, January 31, 2014

Kitchenware Basics You Should Own...

 Basic Kitchen Essentials:
(This is a basic suggestion list)
Who could use this List??? Well....just about everyone!
Newly Engaged couples could use this list to compile their gift/wedding registry. It's also great idea for college students & singles. Or.... just use to  replace missing items from your kitchen gallery. I take inventory about every 6 months to replace broken or needed items.

Basic Set of dishes, service for 6-8 minimum, (up to 12)
set should include: Dinner plate, bowl &/or salad plate,
Coffee cup with or without saucers

Serving Bowls/Dishes in several sizes
Casserole Dishes with Lids, several sizes
(*Colors should blend nicely with your dishes)
Pitchers for Drinks
Gravy Boats, 1 or 2
Sugar and Creamer containers
Salt and Pepper shakers or mills

Silverware, service for 6, 8 or 12
Serving utensils, to match
such as spoons, forks, serving spatulas

Drinking Glasses 6-12, in two sizes

Wine Glasses, 12-24 
(*You may choose to use different sizes, white & red wine glasses) 

Various cocktail & beer glasses to suit your needs

Baking and Roasting pans:
12-15" open roasting pan 
9x13 baking pan, 1 or more; metal, glass, stoneware
5x9 bread pan, 2 in metal, glass or stoneware
2 - 8 or 9" round layer cake pans
2 - 8 or 9" square layer cake pans
1- 8 or 9" round cake pan
1 - 8 or 9" square cake pan
1 - 9 or 10" tube pan
Bundt Style pan, 1 02 more
Cookie sheets, 2 or more
8-10" Pie Plates, 2 or more
Muffin/Cupcake Pan, 1 or 2
Springform pan, 1 or 2
2 - Pizza Pans
Pots & Pans:
1, 2 and 3 quart pans with lids
2 or 3 quart with steamer basket and lid
(*Boiler insert would be great too!)
1 or more, 7-9" fry pan, lid 
1 or more, 10-12" fry pan, lid
6 quart dutch oven
Stock pots, heavy gauge with lids, 2 sizes
Coffee Maker
Mixer, Stand and/or Hand
Toaster Oven
Crock Pot
Tea Kettle
Electric Skillet/griddle
Waffle Machine
Food processor/chopper
 Grill Press
Cooking and Kitchen Essentials
Heat resistant Spoons and Rubber Spatulas in various sizes
(*at least 2 of each)
Large Slotted spoon
Large Solid spoon
Cooking Spatulas, solid and slotted
Pizza Cutter
Pie Server
Desert Server 
Can and Bottle openers
Ice Pick
Wine openers
Corks for bottles
Cooking Bands
Gravy & Soup Ladles, various sizes
Vegetable peeler
Set of Knives, various sizes 
Steak Knife set
Funnels, various sizes
(narrow and wide mouth)
Measuring Spoons & Cups
Liquid & Dry measuring pitchers
Thermometers; cooking, meat, candy 
Graters of several sizes; 4 sided & flat
Tongs; for cooking and serving
Baking Timer
Shelf Liner: for cupboards, drawers...
Drink containers: 2 or more, various sizes
Long Handled Cooking Forks
Large and Small Strainers
Long Handle Strainer (spoon/dipper style)
Rolling pin
Pastry Blender
Pastry Brush
Cake/Cookie Racks (for cooling)
Potato Masher
Kitchen Shears
Knife Sharpener, Steel or Stone
Cutting Boards, various sizes
Whisks/Whips, various sizes & styles
Various sizes of containers/lids or jars/lids
Trivets for Hot Dishes, several
Pot Holders & Oven Mitts
1 dozen dish clothes
1 dozen dish towels
Dish Strainer: for hand washed items, traditional or cloth pad

Stylish and Prepared...


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