Thursday, May 19, 2011

God was Laughing at Me...

"Got No Time"
One recent morning, "time for myself" was once again taken away! I had to stop what "I" was doing, change my plans and take care of "everyone" but me! Grumbling to myself, I dressed and slapped some makeup on my face. Grabbing my keys, I told myself "I" was entitled to a pity party! I have earned one, even though "I" hate them! The little voice in my head was haunting me! "No Time For Me", "No Time For Me", over and over again. By the time I reached the door, I had told myself to get over it, and get going! I had a time-frame to meet! Jumping in the pick-up, tossing my purse across the seat, I turned the ignition....
The radio was blaring a song by "Guess Who".....the SONG...."GOT NO TIME"!
I laughed, pointed to the sky and said; " YOU got me. Touche' Lord"!
I let my "mini pity party" float out the window as I drove off.
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