Monday, May 30, 2011

"Move Over Minnie Pearl"...

Do any of you remember Minnie Pearl? She was a Country Comedienne, an icon on the Grand Ole Opry and HeeHaw for years. She first debuted her character "Minnie Pearl" in the 1930's. She always wore her fancy hats with the $1.98 tag hanging off of them. While walking on stage she'd say her catch phrase; "Howdeeee! I'm jest proud to be here."
Well move over "Minnie Pearl"...,"NeeCee Ra-Nae" has made her Debut!

I had a Doctor's appointment one afternoon this week. While dressing for my appointment, I had tried several things on. The phone rang! Always... when "I'm busy!" So, I stopped, answered the phone...."solved a world problem", and continued to get ready to leave. 
At this point I am a little rushed, and hurried towards the door, grabbing everything I needed. As I was driving towards the freeway, I was pleased with myself for being on time, in spite of the phone call!
Walking into the Doctor's office, I caught my reflection in the window. At this, I was instantly relieved!  Relaxed, I thought..., "Mmmm, I looked pretty good for having rushed to get ready!" As I was checking in at the front desk, I felt a tap on my shoulder! "Ummm, excuse me? Uhhh, I just wanted to tell youu...your tags are hanging out!" 
"OH, CRAP!," I thought. I held my composure and tried not to turn RED. "Ahhh, Thank You...I just thought I'd honor Minnie Pearl today!" There was laughter in the waiting room! Not wanting to panic, I walked to my seat wearing my tag proudly! (*Of course I removed it as soon as I walked back to see the Doctor.)
Granny always told me, "No matter what you do, do it proudly!" So. I did!

To know more about Minnie Pearl and her life; visit the many websites that bare her name. Also, "The Sarah Cannon Cancer Center" website which was named for her (* Sarah Cannon was her true name.)
 Keep Calm and Carry On with Style... NeeCee Signature


kcklan5casey said...

That is so NeeCee style girl!

NeeCee said...

As always, one must remain calm and carry on...with Style! "Wear it like you own it!"....NeeCee