Friday, May 6, 2011

Paper & Cleaning Products...

A Basic List for your Supply Closet:
Aluminum Foil, roll and/or sheets
Plastic wrap
Zip top bags, all sizes
Toilet paper
Facial Tissues
Paper Hand Towels
Paper Towels
Wax paper, roll and/or sheets
Paper plates
Paper or Plastic Cups, drinking and bathroom sizes
Plastic silverware
Coffee filters
Paper Coffee Cups with Lids for travel
Trash bags. various sizes
Store leftover grocery bags for later re-use
*save left over party supplies: plates, napkins etc. in an open basket for later use

Floor Cleaners
Dish Soap
Hand Soap
Hand Lotion for kitchen and bathrooms
Dishwasher soap, rinse aides and cleaner
Scrub pads
Sponges (*Personally, I don't care for sponges because of bacteria)
Disinfectants: for counters, cleaning etc.
Room Air Fresheners and Disinfectants
Window cleaners
Woolite (*see my section on "windows")
Laundry Soaps
Fabric Softeners
Downey Spray ( I use this to Iron clothes & linens) 
Bleach: regular and color safe
Spot Removers, rug and laundry
Furniture polish & wax
Leather cleaner
Scotch Guard ( or simular)
Fabric Freshener, antibacterial
Stylish Stash... NeeCee Signature

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