Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Queen Mum for a Day...

It was just Easter....what happened?? May Day was yesterday! Does anyone know about May Day or remember the May pole dance? My Spring has Sprung!!! Mother's Day is this weekend! Wasn't it just New Year's Eve? Don't even think of saying Christmas...YIKES!!! I had more time when the kids were growing up than I do now!!! Or, am I just old and slowing down?

"Happy Mother's Day...Mom"
I think "we" Moms need two days a year! Mother's Day for the family to shower you with love. And, "Mother's Day Off", a day of your choice to sleep, shop or drop! Years ago, there was a T.V. show called, "Queen for a Day". I say, "IF" they need another reality show, it should be "Queen Mum for a Day"! Mmm, that could WORK! Pack my bags and sign me up...   Oh well, dream on and pull up the big girl panties! ...Oops! I meant: "Put on the crown and carry on"! 
When our kids were little they would plot and plan what to serve "Mom" for Mother's Day Breakfast. Usually it was cereal and fruit or just plain toast, complete with the flower in the vase. Later, we would do something as a family. Drive to the mountains, ride bikes, the movies, or the zoo. Never anything that cost too much or took too much time. Always being on Sunday, there's church to consider and school the next day.
(This heart once belonged to a trinket vase, the kids gave me. Couldn't throw away the heart top!!!)
 I have kept all the trinkets they bought or made me over the years. I still treasure them and of course, the thought behind the gift! But, what I treasure most...is the memories and the time spent together.

 It is my wish that everyone has a beautiful and fun filled Mother's Day...full of memories...

       Be a Mom with Style or should I say, "Queen Mum"...

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