Saturday, May 14, 2011

Showcase your Costume Jewelry...

 This is my Jewelry Tree. A stamped aluminum tray and bowl finish the look. My *"Mom-by-Love" gave me these pieces from "Her" collection. It's a great place to store my trinkets.
(*Never liked the term Mother-in-law! In my case, I was lucky enough to have two Mom's...one by birth, one by love & marriage)
 I don't care much for towel racks. Instead, I roll towels and place in baskets near the shower/tub. And, I use drawers near the sink for wash cloths and hand towels. I put the towel racks to better use. It's a great way to keep necklaces from tangling and...they add to the decor. Friends have loved this idea and have asked for it to be posted.  
I bet you didn't notice the crochet hook located in the first picture! That hook belonged to my Granny, an avid crochet enthusiast. Her work was absolutely beautiful. I cherish everything she made for me. I don't have her skills in fine threads, but I keep this on my jewelry tray. Why? It's great for untangling necklace chains and repairing snags in clothing!       
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