Sunday, May 1, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake...

This simple desert is always a favorite. 
1 large basket of fresh strawberries
1 butter pound cake
4 packets or 4 teaspoons of Splenda
*(or 6 teaspoons of sugar)
1 can of whipped cream
2 squares of a dark chocolate candy bar
Prepare the strawberries by washing, hulling and slicing.
Sprinkle strawberries with Splenda (or sugar), chill
Slice the butter pound cake, you will need two pieces per desert
Assemble the desert just before you serve.

Place 1 piece of butter pound cake on a plate,
Spoon strawberries on top,
Place another slice of butter pound cake on top of the berries,
Spoon more berries on top of the 2nd piece of cake,
Place whip cream on top of berries,
Grate a small amount of dark chocolate over the top of whipped cream.
 Lightly sprinkle with sugar crystals for a beautiful finish!
 *Yields 4 servings          
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