Thursday, June 9, 2011

Folding and Storing Sheets with Style...

Folding bedding and sheets can be a dreaded chore. Bulky, Big and Awkward! Nothing like looking graceless or ungraceful...so here is my solution:
A long counter top or clean table helps with folding.
 Fold each piece separately, smooth as you fold.
 I buy extra pillow cases for my bedding (we have four sleeping pillows on our bed, two a piece). Those pillow cases are included with the set of sheets. As you can see I stack the folded sheets and pillow cases. Leave one (1) remaining pillow case on the side, inside out! 
Use the single pillowcase, to incase the remaining sheets and cases. This creates a sack or pillow look 
Now a full set of bedding is contained, ready and waiting. No hunting for matching pillowcases. I keep an extra set of bedding in each bedroom closet, along with a matching blanket. I do this for a couple of reasons; the sheets are close at hand for me and the blanket is ready incase a guest wants extra warmth. This also allows me to keep a smaller linen closet. Which in turn, helps me keep things neat and tidy. 
*I buy different colors for each room. Two sets per room. You automatically know which sheets go where and, you don't have to worry about bed sizes.    
Making chore time easy with Style...NeeCee Signature

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