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The Prayer of a Child...

Rylee's Prayer...
This darling story was sent via email from a good friend and follower of the blog! Kurt and Kelly shared this story with us about their granddaughter one recent weekend. We have been laughing about it and referring to it ever since. Aren't kids great? 
So here is "Rylee's Prayer Story", in her Papa's words...
The Prayer of a Child

One of my favorite stories to tell...:-)  Rylee, our grand daughter was around 3 years old. She had spent a few weeks in the fall with her Mom and Aunt "TT" in Mississippi, (*her Mom attends College there). "TT" was on a country music kick, her and Rylee knew all the words to the latest and greatest songs.....(*It ties into the prayer...trust me)
Rylee goes to a Christian based daycare in Mississippi and California. They always pray before meals, as is the habit at our homes. So, Rylee has learned the all-time standard prayer..."God is great, God is Good, and we thank Him for our food...Amen". (*She is barely brave enough to pray in front of others at dinner!) So....she comes back from Mississippi with this new boldness and great willingness to pray in front of "people"! HERE WE ARE..., at home in California and it is Thanksgiving. The whole family has gathered for the holiday dinner. Both sides, many generations. Rylee's great grandmother, (strong Christian woman), asks ME to pray over the meal. "MY pleasure", I begin to reply, and am immediately interrupted! When Rylee says; "I wanna pray, PAPA!"....
"SURE Baby, go ahead", I responded. 
She promptly looks around and says...."Everyone must bow their head and fold their hands". With eyes squinting almost shut, she looks around to insure that everyone has complied! (*At this time, everyone was completely silent.) Rylee smiles and says...."GOD is great, BEER is good and PEOPLE are crazy,... AMEN!"
WE were doing everything in our power to keep from laughing hysterically!!! I thought her Great Grandmother was going to FAINT! 
Quickly, we all said "AMEN!" "Good Job, Baby Girl", I praised. 
After dinner, while everyone was clearing their plates, Rylee and I excused ourselves and went into the other room. I tenderly and carefully explained to her that she had mixed the song lyrics with the meal time prayer. I remember telling her something to the effect that there is "No Beer" in the dinner prayer she had previously learned. "OKAY...Papa!", she said cheerfully. 
Glad to have that straight, we went about the rest of our Thanksgiving celebration without a hitch. 
Pretty much the same family and friends were present. Same scenario...as Thanksgiving. "Kurt, would you bless the food?" "MY pleasu....", I'M INTERRUPTED! " I wanna PRAY, Papa!", Rylee spoke up.  "Sure", I replied, not really giving it a second thought. (* Besides, she's prayed the "God is good" prayer 25-30 times by NOW...)
"GOD is great", she begins, "GOD is good". Then she STOPS, opens here eyes, LOOKED straight at ME and said, " NO BEER PAPA"! THEN continues without missing a beat..., "WE thank HIM for our FOOD, AMEN! 
Needless to say, No one could hold their composure THIS time! LAUGHTER filled the ROOM! Rylee just stood there, looking up at me, smiling from ear to ear. She had successfully "PRAYED" her "FIRST" Christmas Prayer with "NO BEER!"
Submitted by Papa Kurt  @6/9/2011

Ahhh...The joys and laughter children bring...what a precious "gift" we've been given.

May the gift of laughter & children always grace our lives with Style...NeeCee Signature
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*The Country Western song referred to in the story:
Song: People are Crazy, Album: Little Bit of Everything, Artist: Billy Currington

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