Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Land Line & Cell Phone Etiquette....

Use your Manners while using the Phone...
Rudeness and lack of consideration has crept into our everyday lives. This happens on "BOTH" ends of the phone. Whether it is a land line or mobile phone!

When using phone etiquette, just use the "Golden Rule", 
Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you....

Simple Rules for Phone Manners:
Check the number you are calling before you dial. If you call a wrong number, apologize politely. If you received a wrong number call, explain politely they have called a wrong number.

Give people enough time to answer the phone...they may be busy too! Leave them a polite message on their voice mail, if you need a returned call. A short concise message with your phone number is all that's needed.

Don't make a call if you don't have the time to talk. If you need to be quick, state it up front! Ask if it is convenient to talk now. Ask if you are interrupting anything? Let them know... "they" may call you back at a more convenient time.

If "they" say they have a "moment"...keep it short. Ask them to call "you" back
if you need more talk time! If you say you will call back....CALL BACK!

When "YOU" call someone don't ask them "wait" while you "do" something else....unless there is an emergency! The same goes for when you "answer" the phone.

Talk clear and concise on the phone. Loud enough to be heard. But... not loud enough for everyone around you to KNOW your personal business. Everyone has enough worries in their life without hearing YOURS!

Always say; Hello, Please, Thank You and Goodbye! Always identify whom is speaking. Even though, "they" may have "caller id"... it doesn't mean they know "who" is on the phone.

Be an attentive listener! It is hard to have a conversation with someone who doesn't practice this art...what is good for one, is good for all. (Hasn't everyone had this caller: "Yackey-Yack-Yack, all about ME, and then doesn't listen too YOU"! It makes you not want to answer their next phone call!) Use common courtesy at all times.

Use the person's name when you talk, especially when thanking them etc. Just like you would in person.

If "bad" news needs to be delivered, if at all possible deliver it in person.

Answer your phone promptly or return the caller's phone call promptly.

Never be too busy to be nice and polite. Being pleasant usually works best. If you have rude caller and they won't listen...hang up after you inform them you're doing so....

If you have company, let the caller know that you must be brief. And, that you will return their phone call at a later time.

If you take a phone message, do so clearly with the name and phone number. Make sure the right person gets the message. 

Always return your calls in a timely manner.

Try to let the caller end the phone call first. Unless... you have a caller that continues on and on, over and over...then excuse yourself from the call.

Children should not answer the phone unless properly instructed in phone etiquette. Especially business calls...

If you answer or call from someone else's phone... always identify who is answering or calling.

Phone calls in general should never be made before 7:00am or after 9:00pm (I prefer 8:00pm for my household. That is our relax and sit back time.) Unless otherwise prearranged. Always try to avoid mealtimes.

If you are a solicitor calling, phone etiquette is a MUST. Do you want to be called at home by a rude solicitor? I think NOT. Do unto others...

NEVER eat while talking on the PHONE!

If you have more than one extension on your home number:
If you answer the phone on one extension, and alert another person they have a phone call...when they pick up the other extension, carefully and quickly hang up your extension. It is EXTREMELY rude to listen in on a conversation that is NOT yours! 

It is also extremely rude to be LISTENING on an extension to an incoming phone call THAT you have not answered. If some one else picks up the phone, you DO NOT listen without announcing that you have joined the conversation! There is no apology for that kind of behavior! It is never acceptable! (*It also causes unnecessary background noise. Which is also rude. Rudeness can be avoided, just like many accidents.) 

Keep your general phone calls to a minimum so as not to interfere with other people's daily routine's or schedules. 

Make business calls well before the end of the business day. Unless you have a prearranged appointment.

These are few cell phone rules in addition to the above information....

When in public places, put your phone on silent or vibrate. If you forget, do so immediately when it rings, beeps....etc. Events such as; Movies, Weddings, Graduations, Dining, Funerals, Business meetings, Party's....get the idea? Same goes for texting....just kick in the common sense and courtesy.

Excuse yourself from the table or room if you need to answer or make a phone call. (*Keep in mind there may be reasons for people not excusing themselves... A common reason would be physical handicaps, seen or not seen. It may not always be easy to get "up!" They, also should use their common sense & courtesy at the table.) Today, because of mobile phones, people are able to conduct business just about anywhere. Being polite needs to be used on both sides of the fence! 

Games on the phone are for waiting rooms....not the dinner table.  Although, it can be a great tool for a bored child at dinner, but NEVER an adult.

If you are talking on a cell phone and you are with another person, such as in a store, keep walking. If you can walk and chew gum...you can walk and talk!

In California (and some other States) you now have restrictions about talking and holding the phone while driving. Newer cars have sync systems that connect your phone to the vehicle's stereo system, making hands free calls simple. There are also ear pieces and portable systems that do the same. When receiving a phone call from a cell phone user, you may hear traffic noise, a faint or tin can sound in their voice. This is NOT the callers fault. It has to do with the technology. If you can't hear them, it is YOUR responsibility to inform them. Otherwise, how will they know? Also keep in mind that this technology is not perfect. If you can't hear someone, say you will call back.
 Don't be ignorant and blame them! Use you manners!

When on your speaker phone or on the speakers in your vehicle ...and you have a passenger in your vehicle...ALERT the person on the other end that there are other people in the vehicle that can hear the phone call! 

Dropped calls occur often. These are not the callers fault. Lots of things cause this to happen. USE your patience and COMMON sense.

And... LAST but not LEAST....Whether you are on a land line or a cell....make sure you END your phone call. BEFORE... you STUPIDLY do something! Like... TALK about the person you THOUGHT you hung up with! 
This has happened to us, and "others" that we know! 

 ***This happens sometimes when a caller gets a text or email while ending the phone call. You are NOT able to end the call until the other person hangs up THEIR phone. OR, about 10-20 minutes pass and the vehicle finally disconnects the original call. Then it's TOO LATE, they have HEARD EVERYTHING you've said! Trust Me, this happens!

And,... "That" can cause another "whole set" of problems....BOY HOWDY!
 Ignorance is NOT Bliss, when you use BAD MANNERS!

I may have missed a few rules of etiquette.....but this covers quite a few. But, it all boils down to using common courtesy 24-7-365!    
As Always Be Gracious & Kind with Style...

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