Thursday, June 23, 2011

Designer Granny...That's ME...

Several years ago I was diagnosed with more than one arthritis. Two Rheumatoid disorder's and Osteoarthritis. Because of my medications, I had stopped dyeing my hair.    
I never cared one way or another if I dyed my hair or not. I mainly did it for others, in my family, who seemed to think I had a need. For me, it was time consuming to make that appointment and commitment every month!
Well, after being diagnosed and on medications, the hair dye seemed to washout within a week! That just bothered me even more. To pay that much money and have it wash down the drain! So, I stopped.
Soon my hair was showing it's true colors! I had always said "I was going to be an Old Lady with long gray hair!"
(Proverbs 16:31 White hair is a crown of glory...)
Well, I started hearing renditions of the song "The Old Gray Mare." 
It didn't bother Me. I've never been a MeMe! I'd let them have their fun!
One Day...
While spending time with one of my granddaughter's, she made an announcement! 
"Nana, You's Got Zebra Hair!" 
(Since animal prints were very much in style....I took it as a complement!) 
 Only a child can show pure innocence & honesty, offering a new perspective on life.
 "I just love-b you's hair!" 
(She ran past me and over to the swings.) 
 My new found freedom to embrace my gray hair was born!
I loved telling friends and family about my ZEBRA hair. 
The story was too cute not to tell!
So fast forward a couple of more weeks. 
Another granddaughter said; "Nana YOU got giraffe spots on your ARMS! 
How come??... 
 I had been getting these "age spot looking-things" on my lower arms. Several of my Doctors didn't know what was causing the dark pigment spots. The only thing that made sense was the medications!
 (*Several years later, we did discovered it WAS the medications.)
Not completely happy about the spots, I had no choice but to accept them. Adding another designer label was a simple solution to something I couldn't change.
So, NOW I have Zebra hair and Giraffe spots!!!
It was time for yet another Doctor's appointment. I had gotten discouraged by some of the reports we had received. So, we asked the Dr. during my visit what the Radiologist was talking about??? He explained that one of the disorder's was rare and some Dr.'s don't know how to read the X-Ray's. 
(* There are 13 different Rheumatoid disorders, but most people are only aware of "RA".)
Because of the rarity, not many knew of the difference in the bones. The Specialist went on to say the difference's and that mine looked like...Uhh..."ZEBRA" markings! 
I started laughing! Which obviously confused my Specialist! That's when I told him what two granddaughter's had told ME! 
(*By the way, I have NO PLANS to become a Cougar or a Cheetah!! LOL)
When you have arthritis of any kind...you have to stay positive. There are days when you're going to need some laughter to help ease the PAIN! 
Days when your pain is so debilitating, you can't do simple chores. Every movement causes pain and discomfort. The pain is a constant, nagging reminder. Yet, at the same time, "it" reminds you to not give-in! 
 "You CAN'T, you WON'T and you SHOULDN'T!" 
But sometimes the exhaustion does wear you down. And rest is sorely needed.
(**Recipe coming soon to the Blog)
Extreme exhaustion makes you feel like a Couch Potato! 
The other day I was making a potato salad for my great nephew's 1st Birthday Party. The pain in my elbows and shoulders reminded me that the simplest things can cause severe pain. I was not going to give-in. That potato salad was NOT going to turn me into a SPUD!
So, I took my time and rested now and then. The potato salad was finished, the results were worth it. Soon, it was seasoning in the refrigerator, ready and waiting for the Special 1st Birthday Party!
Tired and sore, this "Designer Granny" won the battle this day! I headed upstairs to rest, so I could fight (arthritis) another day....

For those of you with Arthritis:
Strength and Courage mixed with Style...leaves YOU in control...
Enjoy the day, 
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