Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pocket Full of Posey's...

Or should I say Rosey's....
My Granny and I would pluck the spent roses before pruning. Gathering, until our hands were full of colorful rose petals .  I would run around the yard throwing the petals in the air! Granny would usually throw her petals at me!
 All the while, it would rain roses down around me. Leaving scattered colors all over the lawn!
Granny loved being a kid with me! 
Today, I share this tradition with my grandchildren. As I did with my children. Sometimes we  (the grandkids & I) get on the swings. And... swing as high as we can, releasing rose petals in the summer air!
It may be a silly tradition...but every time I smell a rose I think of Granny!
I hope my "kids" will have the same lasting memories someday!
Playing with Style in the Garden...NeeCee Signature

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