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Vacation and Travel with Style...

Stylish Travel & Luggage Tips
We all look forward to vacations, travel, family trips and exploring new destinations. What we don't look forward to is the packing and unpacking! S
Recently, several people have asked for some travel tips. So I am attempting to  compile a list of useful information regarding traveling and luggage. I have traveled to many places, domestic and abroad. But, I am by no means an expert, very far from it!!! 
If any of you have advise that you would like to share, please contact us at the blog site or by email. We'd love to hear from you...
 It seems airline and travel regulations are changing more frequently. I highly recommend that you check with your travel agent or the TSA website more than once as your departure approaches.
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Following are recommendations to make your travel more pleasant:

~ You may carry approved liquid items in your carry-on as long as they comply with TSA regulations.
~ Follow the 3-1-1 rule...Each of your toiletries must be 3 ounces or less. They must be placed in a single quart size zip top bag. A 4 ounce container that is only half full will not be allowed. You must remove the zip top bag (quart size) containing all liquids from your carry-on upon going through TSA inspection.
~ If you carry medications and supplies, they need to be in a separate bag from your everyday liquids. Items need to be in the original container from the pharmacy. (I use a quart or gallon zip lock bag) You can place your pills in a daily/weekly container after you arrive at your destination. Buy small containers of vitamins and supplements and leave in the original container's.  It is a good idea to make a list that includes; travel itinerary, medications and supplements, Doctor's and pharmacy information, medical insurance information,emergency contact information and a letter from your Doctor if needed.
~Leave a copy of the above information with your emergency contact person. Also include a copy of your personal ID (passport) and a description of your car, if parked at the airport.
~ If you have any special needs regarding the flight, such as diet or preloading, let your travel agent know so they may make arrangements.
~ Walking canes and umbrellas are allowed but must be inspected at the check points.
~ Your carry-on bag should be a total of 45 inches, maximum. Example: Add together the inches of the length, height and width.
22" + 14" + 9" = 45"   
Length + Width + Height = 45"
~ It would be best to confirm carry-on size with your travel agent or airline,especially if traveling overseas. 
  ~Check with your airline or travel agent regarding checked luggage. Most airlines have their own regulations for size, weight and number of bags checked. 
Additional fees may apply for oversized, over weight, or extra bags.
~When traveling with gifts, leave them unwrapped. You may bring along non-metallic wrapping paper to wrap them after you arrive at your destination.
~There may be "Family Lanes" to use. These are helpful when you have small children. Security will need to check, baby formula, milk bottles, diaper bags etc.

A few random suggestions for your trip:
~A small night light may be helpful...look for a battery operated one if you are traveling overseas. Some cell phones have an "app" for a nightlight or flashlight.
~Consider an extra charged battery for the cell phone, especially when traveling overseas. Confirm electric converters/adaptors with an inexpensive electronic device before using with essential electronics.
~Always reconfirm flight times and gates before your trip, as these do get changed.
~Pack a small suitcase that folds flat inside another suitcase. This is useful for carrying souvenirs and gifts acquired during your trip.
~Sunscreen & Sunglasses
~Tickets and other important papers 
~Plan for the unexpected. Allow enough time to comply with airline check-in procedure's.
~A tote bag that folds flat to use as a beach bag, hold cameras, snacks, toys etc....
~Antibacterial wipes and such...
~Ziplock bags, they have so many uses...
Wet clothes, shoes, makeup, small items, cards and/or dice...
You can even pack an extra outfit for the kids in one: top, pants, socks, underwear...have one ready incase of spills, etc. and throw it in your tote.
You could go one step further and pack most of their clothes that way. Then all they have to do is grab a bag and they dress themselves!
(You could only hope!)
~Take a marking pen and put soiled clothes back into the ziplock bag and mark it "dirty".
~Don't forget extra batteries for anything you may take with you!
~Take a digital picture of each child and what they are wearing that day! (**This works nicely when traveling with an elderly person, who may have Alzheimer's, etc.)  **This is what we have done; Each family picks  a color scheme, pattern or look alike clothes when attending theme parks, zoo's, etc.. This is also handy when trying to find each other in a crowd.
~If you take a carry-on and a suitcase...put one set of clothes (don't forget your under garment's and pajama's) in the carry-on incase your luggage is lost or delayed. Another good idea...when traveling with a spouse...share your suitcases. By this, I mean pack your items half and half in each other's suitcase. Some casual and some dressy in each. That way if one gets lost you still have clothes to wear! Don't forget the shoes to match!
~Take very little jewelry, keep it in your purse or carry-on. I take costume jewelry or wear one set through the entire trip.  I will bring 1 chain with 2 or 3 necklaces to exchange as needed, an inexpensive wedding band, 1-2 watches, 2-3 sets of earrings. I try to bring pieces that mix and match, look casual or a little dressy. It will depend on the type of trip, business or vacation.
~If you need, take a small evening bag/purse
~Before you leave on your trip...clean out your purse, leave behind unnecessary items. Less is more... when traveling. Besides, if you're like me...I am usually carrying some of my husband's items too!
~Don't forget the toiletries, toothbrush, tooth paste, personal hygiene products, etc... 
~Put car and house keys somewhere safe in your carry-on or purse. This will save you needless searching when you arrive home.
~Make a master check off list for your trip. Start packing at least a week before you travel. Find an area or spare room where you have space to pack.  This will allow you to get organized. Put complete outfits together, including the other items on your list. Then during the week pack and eliminate what you don't need. An early start gives you time to reconsider or add items.
  Always consider the type of trip/vacation, season of the year and time frame. You can easily taylor these suggestions to suit your needs.
Once again, always check with TSA/Hotels/Airlines/Travel Agent regarding any changes. Don't forget to ask about luggage sizes and/or fees.
~~One more thing to consider, when you are traveling out of your country to visit another...do some research as to the customs, manners, laws, driving regulations, etc. This will help you enjoy your trip to the fullest. 

Travel with Style...

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