Monday, August 15, 2011

Helpful Freezer Tips...

A few cleaning & other tips to use throughout the year...
 Simple cleanings from time to time will help maintain your freezer. Frequent inspections during cleaning may help prevent future problems and prolong the life of the freezer.

~Daily: Organize your shelfs with "like" foods. This will help you find items quicker; minimizing time the freezer door remains open.
When you spill something, wipe it up. It is a lot easier to clean as you go....

~Monthly: Check your food packages monthly for expiration dates.
 Also, check for any package breaks or spills.
 Double wrap meat with a plastic zip top bag. This will help prevent freezer burn.
 Date foods using a permanent marker.
 * I use the date the item was bought or frozen; such as dinner leftovers.

Do a quick once over, inspecting the freezer for any problems inside and out.
Keep the area around the freezer clean and clutter free. 
Don't forget to inspect the outlet and plug. And check the light bulb inside. 
It just takes a moment.
*I try to glance at the small freezer light (on the outside of the door), whenever I pass by! We have lost power from time to time. Never a good thing if it lasts too long! **Yuck, that can be a... MESSY job!!!

~Yearly: Remove contents and store in coolers while cleaning your freezer inside and out. 
Unplug the freezer for cleaning. Remove racks and bring to room temperature.
Hand wash the racks with 2 tablespoons of baking soda per 1 quart of warm water. Rinse and dry. 
Do not place them in the dishwasher!
Do the same with the interior of the freezer. Rinse and dry with a dry cloth or towel.
Do not use dish soap or detergent.
 These may leave a fragrance behind that could permeate the inside of the freezer, which inturn could be absorbed by the food.
Do not use bleaches, cleansers or ammonia's, these could cause cracking and discoloring. 
For heavy caked on spills, I make a paste of baking soda and warm water and apply to the area. If need be; I will wet several paper towels and place over the top of the paste. Then let it sit for awhile to soften the spill.
 Leave the door ajar during this process.
*** NEVER leave a child unattended near a freezer or other such appliance. Even though the danger of locking shut has been removed on the newer appliances, it is ALWAYS a good idea to keep this in mind. 
Safety is always first.

Cleaning with Style...
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