Sunday, August 14, 2011

Written in the Sand...

A few years ago, some very good friends of mine and myself decided to take our first "friends trip" together. We were turning the Big 5-0 and so was Disneyland! We thought that would be fun. 
WELL...we didn't make it to Disneyland (can't remember WHY)!      
Our trip had been delayed and we changed our destination.
 SO, we went to the Adult version of Disneyland...Viva Las Vegas, baby! 
When we arrived...and walked into the hotel to check-in...
there was a "Sea of Ladies wearing Red Hats"!
 It was a RED HAT Convention!!! 
Can you believe we checked-in and out the same days!
 What are the odd's??? Was God laughing at us or with us?
Nothing like turning FIFTY and having it RUBBED in your face!
Well, we had a good laugh and the "Red Hat Ladies" we met were very nice indeed.
 Amazingly true, none of us (5) had brought any purple or red clothing! 
We DID stand out (in our everyday clothes) the whole l-o-n-g weekend.
"We looked like Red Hat renegades".
Taken in Las Vegas (the only Red we wore, NOT! ...LOL)
Debbie, Anita (lower left), NeeCee, Pixie (lower right) & Mary
It all started in Junior High (sixth grade)...two of us (Me & Mary) were 11 years old. By our freshman year in High School, we added Pixie and Anita. Debbie joined our group several years ago, (She and I have been friends for over 25 years). Over the years we have stayed in touch. We have laughed, played and prayed together. We have a bond of sisterhood and friendship, that time has built.
 Today...and few trips later, we gather often to play dice and share a meal.  We plan future trips, catch up on the latest family news and current events. 
This photo was taken in & through water. Notice the heart shaped rock?
When I go on these trips, I send my husband messages saying I love you!
 Here are a few of the photos, also taken with a cell phone. 
(So, sorry for the fuzz!) 
"Written in the Sand", taken on a beach in Hawaii. Sent via cell phone on Valentine's Day!
Yes, we were on a trip during Valentine's Day. We needed to travel during a school break that year. The hubby's were understanding!
Another "Heart" rock....
Do you see the heart shape sea urchin in the shell? (...also through the water)
Watching the Sunset over the phone together...
A Romantic Beach Walk...via the cell phone.
Sharing lives with Style...
NeeCee Signature
P.S."Mary....Happy Birthday my dear friend! I LOVE YOU" }...
1966~Celebrating 45 years of Friendship & Sisterhood~2011

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