Thursday, September 22, 2011

Feet on the Dashboard....Really?

**All of the Photos below were downloaded from Google Images
Not sure if this is illegal regarding driving laws or not. Or, If it falls under common courtesy and manners. And, then there is air bags and seat belts. Have these people ever thought about the possibility of airbags exploding and their legs getting broken or shoved in their face? The thought of spinal injuries or hips being displaced...OUCH...would be torture. But...do they really think or care about the other people in the vehicle?
SORRY, I just don't get it! Do they NOT own a recliner at home? And, how is that LADY-like? (Most are WOMEN, but I have seen Men do this too!) Do they wear odor-eaters in their SHOES? Do they have SHOES?
The above photo shows a left foot at the driver's window. I've seen this too! What if they have to stop fast? Oh my Gosh...I could go on...but I won't!
My husband and I were driving to town recently, (on our way to dinner), when once again we spotted feet on the dashboard.  (*"Feet on the dashboard" drives us both NUTS.) Usually when we see this display, the car is larger like a SUV or Sedan. BUT, on this day we saw MALE feet (very large feet) on the dash of a VOLKSWAGEN BUG!!! YUCK! The driver practically had the other persons feet in their FACE! Ew-whee....
I'm sorry, that has to be RUDE. I would have said something to my passenger.
Think about it, the places your feet and shoes go, and now they're in your FACE?
Oh MY!!!
I can't believe we could be the only ones that think this way.
 Sorry, but putting all the dangers aside, it has to be just plain "RUDE".
Show your Style and use your MANNERS...
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Kori Donahue said...

I completely agree with you NeeCee and it grosses me out! Kori xoxo

Tara said...

Unfortunately I am guilty of this. ;0) those long road trips in Keiths truck. LOL sorry to be a bad example. Haha I don't do it that often though and drivers should never do it. So dangerous!