Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Manners Regarding Chewing Gum...

Content taken from Emily Post's Etiquette by Peggy Post
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 It is hard to believe why so many otherwise attractive people totally destroy their appearance by chewing gum like a cow chewing a cud. There are so many people who chew it for therapeutic reasons as well as because they like the taste, and others just chew because it's a habit. Chewing gum, in itself, if it is done quietly and unobtrusively, is not unattractive. But when one does it with grimaces, open mouth, smack, crackles, pops, and worst of all with bubbles, it is in the worst of taste.
 It should be unnecessary to remind people not to dispose of gum where anyone can possibly sit on it, step on it, or touch it. But is there anyone who has not been a victim of this thoughtfulness? When you are through with your gum, wrap it in a scrap of paper and throw it in a trash can. If no trash basket is available, keep the gum, wrapped, in your pocket or handbag until you find an appropriate receptacle.
NeeCee's comment: Might I add....Talking while snapping and chomping on their gum! Why, why do they do that? Haven't they had that done to them? Or, maybe someone should video tape their actions and play it back on the big screen? YUCK!
Chew your Gum with Style...
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