Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Black Cherry Dill Pickles?...

This condiment is unusual and has awesome taste. I served them at a recent dinner party...the guests loved them!  They taste kind of like a bread and butter pickle, with a slight black cherry taste.
 The way I see it ... if they can infuse olive oil, make wine... blending all types of flavors, whatever it might be! Then WHY can't I try this? I found and old recipe (old to some, not to me:) from the 60's using Kool-aid drink mix! 
YES, Kool-aid! 
So, I tried it! I made a few changes, nothing big,...turned out... YUM-ee!
Littles things like; substitute sugar for splenda or stevia, etc. and BLACK Cherry Kool-aid instead of Cherry Kool-aid. 
See the recipe below.
 I know,...you're thinking you're not sure about this one. Well, it's just a jar of pickles and a pack of kool-aid...go for it...you just might be surprised!
 Black Cherry Pickles
1 jar (48oz) whole dill pickles, your choice of brand
1 package of black cherry kool-aid mix
1 cup of stevia (*I used this instead of sugar)
See directions below...
 Drain the juice from the pickles into a bowl or pitcher
Add 1 package of kool-aid and 1 cup of stevia
Blend together, mixing well and set aside...
Cut the whole pickles, in half, lengthwise.
Place pickles back into the original jar.
Pour the black cherry-dill juice back into the jar, covering the pickles.
 Store the pickles in the refrigerator for one week. I dated the top of the jar to remind me of the "ready-to-eat" date.
 Once you taste these pickles, next time, it will be harder to wait a week!
Please Note:
*This is the first recipe under our new label, Vintage Recipes, with in the Tastefully Yours section. 
These pickles are sooo good!
If you like pickles, you'll love this Vintage Style Recipe...
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