Monday, September 12, 2011

Mirror Beauty...

This wall has two beautiful stain glass windows that adjoin the master bath. With the size of the massive master bed and end tables, not much room was left to address this wall. A dresser would not fit, and even though there were beautiful windows, the wall looked barren. Problem: There was a NEED for something to be THERE! (Sorry for the dark photo :)
A large wall mirror, for dressing, was needed for the room. This mirror was found at TJ Maxx, problem solved, and for a great price. 
  The vinyl "wall saying" was found at Target, (also a great price).
 This was the perfect functional solution for the area. Very handy when dressing for the day.
 My kind of style...
Mirror, Mirror on the wall...
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1 comment :

rebekahdawn said...

Very nice! The vinyl looks perfect above the mirror.