Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How We Present Ourselves to the World...

Appearances Matter...
How we present ourselves to the world is IMPORTANT! Other people do notice our appearances; how we carry ourselves, our posture, our clothing or whether we bothered to groom ourselves or not. It does get noticed. 
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You don't have to look like this everyday, that would be silly.
But, it is not hard to look presentable. Easy really.

You don't have to wear expensive clothes to look good. 
Take time to present yourself; not only to yourself, but to others. You will always make a lasting impression with those around you, whether you know them or not. Lasting impressions say you are a successful, positive person, full of potential and have a fulfilling life.
How you carry yourself, is a statement of who you are as a person.
 Poise and posture; they say confidence and self esteem.
We've all heard this; 
"You never get a second chance to make a good impression!"
Good impressions will get you EVERYWHERE. A great attitude will make a great IMPRESSION.  To be successful you need a great ATTITUDE, a POSITIVE one. 

Always speak in a friendly manner. Think about what you say, so as not to offend other people. Put yourself in another's shoes...look at yourself from the outside. Do you like what you see? Do you present your self as a caring, thoughtful, intelligent person? 

Let others perceive you to be a strong and independent person. Always be a straight forward, never rude, stand up for yourself (and others) kind of person.

Above all else show yourself RESPECT. When you do this, you show respect for others. Being respectful is a VIRTUE! It gives you power to accomplish and conquer LIFE and its adversities. 

When Your Appearance Matters,
 You're Showing Off Your STYLE ....
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