Thursday, October 20, 2011

Time to Straighten the Pantry....

It is the season to clean, re-organize and stock the pantry. 
The holidays are around the corner.
As I mentioned in May, I clean the pantry from top to bottom in the fall. Before the holidays hit, I rearrange, purge old items and make notes on items needed.
This helps me ready for the busy holidays ahead. And, the cooking that comes with it! I spruce up the pantry in the spring, but in the fall...I really do some deep cleaning.
We all have different sizes and set-ups for our pantry's. Different food items and/or equipment. Each of us need to develop the system that works best for us and our families. We all know being organized will make the kitchen run smoothly. Especially, during the holidays.
 With all the extra's we'll need for baking, food gifts and guests, we'll want to make life easier in the kitchen. I start at the top and work down. Do one shelf at a time. Access items by size, weight and how often they are used. Large items, especially if heavy, need to be placed on the floor or lower shelves.
 Check expiration dates, wipe down shelves, place "like" items together. Make a list of replacements; food or equipment.
Store opened food in sealed containers. Flour, sugar, cereal, pastas, etc. will stay fresh longer when kept in airtight containers. Wipe down any food bottles after each use, such as honey, oil, vinegar etc. Check potatoes, onions and similar items often. They need a cool, dry storage area.
Show-off Your Pantry's Style....
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me@home said...

This is so beautiful and useful! I *wish* I had a pantry.