Friday, October 21, 2011

Mimi the Cat...

Flame Point Siamese
We had lived in our new home about a year when this "sorry" looking cat showed up. It was early winter and this cat was HUNGRY! We could tell that it had once been a house cat. We had no clue how long IT had been without owners. From the look or her/him, "IT" had been on it's own for quite a while. The elements had taken a toll on this cat.  Broken teeth and matted hair, made this cat look pretty pitiful.
The cat was very wary of us and wouldn't come to close. We weren't prepared to feed a cat, but we found some some lunchmeat in the icebox. We left the food at the end of our road. The Cat watched us. Everyday we would move the food a little closer towards the house. Soon the Cat was eating near the back door. After about a week the Cat brought a large mouse and left it at the back door. The Cat sat and waited till we came to feed him. The Cat was grateful and wanted to show appreciation.
Mice Beware!
We live in the country and no one ever claimed the Cat. So the Cat stayed. As time went on, the Cat was looking better and we started calling the Cat; Mimi.
She was a long hair flame point siamese with very blue eyes. She got her name one morning while we were sitting on the back porch with weekend guests. My friend and I had made our version of mimosa's to go with breakfast. We called them MiMi's because they were for Me-Me. When our friend saw the cat, she wanted to know it's name. I said...uhhh....MiMi works! The Cat had been here for close to a year, it was time for a name. 
Off to the Vet!
Shortly after that, Mimi developed a growth on her neck! It had gotten quite large.  So, I made an appointment with a local vet.
 I took MiMi to town and said; "Do what you have to do. If she's okay,.. then give her the shots she needs. Let me know, I'll be back later!" 
Several hours later the Vet's office called: 
"Your Cat is ready to pick up and take home!" Okay! So, nothing life threatening?!? I walked into the Vet office to pick up MiMi....
MiMi had gotten pretty mangy while she had that growth on her neck. She had been so sick she hadn't kept herself groomed! I knew they were going to shave her but...WoW...that was pitiful! She looked NAKED, except for that tail! 
 "Oh, by the way, congratulations....MiMi's a boy!" The office clerk smiled; "Guess you should change HIS name!"
The Cat had been neutered!
I put the CAT in the truck. My husband had just text asking about MiMi. I quickly text him back and said; "Everything went fine. By the way, MiMi is a MOE!" 
I waited to tell him about the SHAVED body and the PUFF on the end of HIS tail!
The Cat needed comfort food!
When Hubby saw the CAT, he was not pleased. He didn't see the humor of it AT ALL! WE decided not to trim the CAT's tail, especially since he was NOT sedated!
The hair would (and has...) grow out!
Not quite HIS style!
Later that night we were discussing what to call the Cat. 
We chose the name, MANLEY! Poor thing, He needed HIS dignity back!
This Style was NOT the Cat's Meow!...
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