Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Weekly Chore List...

Yipee....Laundry Day! Whoo-Hoo!
 In August I posted a Daily Chore List...Today I am posting the Weekly Chore List. With the Holidays fast approaching, I thought there might be a need to get a little organized on the home front.
 Don't be afraid to assign chores to anyone and everyone who shares your household. You know the old saying; "The family that prays together, stays together?" Well, I have one I use; "The FAMILY that lives together, DOES chores  together!" WHY NOT? I mean, who CROWNED you chief bottle washer, cook and housekeeper? Especially if you WORK outside the home. Even if you don't, KIDS need to LEARN their SHARE of RESPONSIBILITY so... share the WEALTH! (*They'll thank YOU when they are ADULTS) 
What's fair, is FAIR!
**I always start at the TOP and work down in every room.
Why? Dust floats!

Weekly Chore List...
Helpful hint: No TV..., turn on the radio or favorite music. 
It calms the savage beasties...makes for less crumbles. 
"Whistle while you work!" 
It always worked for me! You may want to include NO "cell phones or texting"... I didn't have those to contend with but, I didn't allow phones, friends, etc. till the chores were done on Saturday mornings.
1. Wipe all surfaces including sink, countertops, vent/hoods, refrigerator including the top, cupboard doors exteriors of appliances, shelves and furniture.
You don't have to deep clean, just surface clean.

2. Wipe down microwave, oven and toaster oven. Don't forget the trash cans, wipe them down too.

3. Flush sink drains with hot water....throw lemon, orange or lime peels down the garbage disposal to freshen.

4. Discard any food or drinks that are "past their time for prime".

5. Wipe light switches and door handles with disinfectant. Telephones too! 

6. Dust off light fixtures including the lightbulbs.

7. Vacuum or sweep, then mop the floors.
1. Clean toilets (*always clean your toilets with a separate rag or paper towels), bathtubs, showers & sinks.

2. Change and launder, towels & bath mats.

3. Wipe mirrors, door handles, light switches, window sill & counters & cupboards.

4. Empty trash and wipe container off.

5. Dust off light fixtures and light bulbs.

6. Vacuum or sweep floors then mop.
Living and/or Family Rooms
1. Fluff, vacuum and/or use fabric freshener or leather conditioner. Rotate/turn cushions if you can.

2. Sort magazines, catalogs and discard or organize. Dust, furniture, light fixtures and bulbs, books, shelves, picture frames and electronics.

3.Vacuum and or mop.

4. Stairs and hallways, dust everything, wipe mirrors, picture frames, vacuum
and mop rugs and floors. 

5. Same would apply if you have a home office.

Dinning Room:
1. Dust all surfaces light fixtures, bulbs and furniture, picture frames and objects. Apply furniture polish if needed.

2. Vacuum and mop floors, upholstery if necessary.

1. Change and launder all sheets and pillowcases.

2. Fluff comforters and pillows. Freshen with anti-bacterial fabric spray. Mattress too.

3. Straighten night stands and dust. Dust all surfaces, furniture, objects, shutters and window sills and lighting fixtures and bulbs.

4. Empty trash.

5. Vacuum and or mop floors.

6. Straighten closets and vacuum.

7. Pick up toys, discard any broken ones.

Laundry & Mudrooms:
1. Wipe down all surfaces, doors & handles, light switches, light fixtures, bulbs and appliances.

2. Sweep, vacuum and or mop floors.

3. Spray disinfectant in dirty laundry baskets. 
Now, go bake that cake for the family! LOL...I say; "LET'S EAT OUT"!
Weekends are for MORE than housework! Try to spread these chores out. Choose what works best for you and your family. One room at a time or one or two chores daily, sweeping the whole house....whatever works. With this list you'll need the whole family to HELP! 
Just remember, use the system that works best for YOU. 

When our kids were home, we both worked full time...
Saturdays were chore days. 
Sundays were FAMILY DAY!
 NOW...being empty nesters, who still work,
WE try to save weekends for US and FAMILY! 
Oh, and...YARD work & outdoor projects....NEVER ending!
Do everything with Style...
Is it NAP time yet?
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MrsOgg said...

Haha You forgot the steps before wiping down all surfaces....like decluttering the pile of bills from the kitchen table, etc. But, really this is a great list...very specific. I'm feeling some third trimester nesting coming on and I think this list would be great to help me get things really spic and span before the baby arrives. With ADHD lists are generally the only way to get things done. Only thing I wish you had a printable version or file without pics so I could just print then check things off. Just an idea but, I am so glad Connie mentioned your blog on Salvage Savvy.... I'm looking forward to reading some of your future cleaning ideas :-)