Friday, October 14, 2011

What We Learn From Our Grandmother's...

I was very fortunate to have both my Grandmothers well into my young adult years. If it had been my choice I would have never let them go!  My Grandmothers taught me many, many things. They loved me unconditionally! One had a large family with many grandchildren. The other, had a small family with only 7 grandchildren. They were both strong women, in very different ways, yet they both loved their families very deeply. They both lost children or grandchildren over their life time. I don't know how they survived those losses. Being a Grandmother now myself...I can't (and don't) want to even imagine such things. Being a Grandmother is a much deeper sense of oneself. The love for family intensifies. Something you never think about as a mother, UNTIL you're a Grandmother! Yes, as a Mother, you love your children deeply, unconditionally, BUT being BORN into being a Grandmother can not be defined or explained. 
It is a gift and a job description!
I thank God for my "Gift" and I try my best to fulfill my given JOB to MY nine grandchildren! 
Not only did I have my grandmother's, I had two great Grandmother's and a great-great Grandmother. Now that was special and I remember them well.
My Husband was also lucky enough to have both of his Grandmothers for a long time. We enjoyed them both well into our young adult years. They too, were as my Grandmothers; strong, loving and had losses of their own.
What I learned most from ALL of these woman, was LOVE of FAMILY. 
Being a Grandmother added to who they WERE. 
Defining their roles in the family.
 Thus, making THEM complete in every way.
What I physically learned from all four of OUR Grandmother's...was 
the "Art of Cooking a Home Style Meal". Even, how to make a meal out of a Mother Hubbard's cupboard!
My love of cooking was born because of my Grandmother's. Granny loved to read recipes. I love to do the same. I can read a cookbook, like most people read a novel! I love to create recipes using ingredients I have on hand. Grandma always made me a Lemon Meringue Pie for my birthday. Cake is not my first choice, but her pie was. She made the best!
Grand-Dad & Grandma
I have collected some of my grandmother's hand written recipes and their recipe boxes.
They had few cookbooks, but mostly recipe cards or scratches of paper. I even have a few pieces of their cook wear and tools.
Recently I went through some recipe cards that belonged to my husbands paternal grandmother. They had all been hand typed on old typewriter, the making of a large collection from the local "Home Department". Which, was part of the County Agriculture Extension Office.
Talk about vintage recipes...can't wait to try these out!
Great Great Grandma Lucy, I am the oldest girl (standing on the left) in plaid.
5 Generation Photo
"I can only HOPE to live up to the standards these WOMAN set.
 Being wonderful loving Women, Mothers & GRANDMOTHER'S WITH STYLE..."
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