Monday, November 14, 2011

Decorate for Thanksgiving w/Style ...

 It is so hard to find any decorations of quality for Thanksgiving. When you do find them, it's a blessing. Everyone seems to jump from "The New School Year to Halloween", and that's in August! Then MAYBE, it's 2 or 3 weeks before they start bringing out a FEW Christmas ornaments. THEN...WHAM-O-BAM-MO it's all Christmas on the shelves. By the first of November you start seeing SOME Thanksgiving items!
 Don't get me wrong! I love Christmas and the true meaning of the Season, but I love Thanksgiving too! And, all of the traditions that go along with all  the Holidays. I guess we have sooo many Holidays between fall and winter that it all kinda all blurs together. 
I've had a mission for years to find nice Thanksgiving items for my home.
 Sooo... I "GATHER & HUNT" till I find what I'm looking for, Thanksgiving decor! 
Here are a few of my Thanksgiving finds... some old, some new:
Found these at TJ Maxx this year. Didn't have to hunt too hard. All three were with in the same row, just different shelves!
I LOVE this set of Pilgrims! These were a found at Costco several years ago! Everyone comments how nice they are. And then the question;
 "Where did you find them?" 
He's so homely, he's CUTE! My little Thanksgiving Elf! The candles (with the acorns were given to me by a close friend, they are perfect! 
I won't burn them, they've gotta last! Besides, they smell wonderful.
He looks so cute on my saddle tree! His laugh is almost contagious! I found him at a local store, "House of Design".
This pillow was so cute...there was only one! Believe it or not but I found this "Thankful" pillow at CVS pharmacy. I love the simplicity of the "one word" statement.
 The Cornucopia, is synonymous with fall. 
Symbolic of the meaning; "extremely abundant".
I have always loved the "Horn of Plenty" and it's meaning. I found this one at TJ Maxx a few years ago.
 I found this wreath at Wal Mart last year. I added the small Pilgrim's this year, found also at TJ Maxx. They are hung on a door in my country Kitchen and watch over my dinning room table. 
I had a picture of the bar/cook top area last week. But, Dad gave me a lovely sack of pomegranate's that came from his friend Al. (Thank you both!) They are also a lovely symbol of fall and Thanksgiving, I just had to take another photo!
One of my place settings. I found all these plates at TJ Maxx. The white turkey bowls (below) were found at Target. I couldn't find 6-8 of each (the leaves or turkeys) so I mixed and matched. 
I love blending items together, especially at a great price! 
It's all a part of the thrill!!!
I posted some photo's of my table last week. I thought I would share again, just incase some of you missed that post, (see Monday, November 7).
Decorate and...Show-off Your Thanksgiving Style,
*All photo's belong to NeeCee @ Pine Creek Style

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