Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Using Healthy Manners...

We are all so busy with our daily lives and work! We can't afford to get SICK! If you are like me, I try to not physically cringe when someone is sick around me. Nothing against them, I just don't want or have the time to be sick!
Since the weather has changed so quickly, I thought a reminder of "Healthy Manners" would be appropriate. Everyday we encounter germs from someone or something! 
First things first, we all need to be responsible for ourselves and our family. Make some room on your calendar for yearly shots and Doctor's appointments if needed. Keep the first aid drawer stocked with supplies; for cold, flu, aches and pains. Make sure the heating pad, ice bags, thermometers, etc., are ready and waiting (hopefully not used). 
It doesn't hurt to have a few quick comfort foods and drinks on hand either. Your favorite cans of soup or stews, crackers, etc.
 Drinks; water, ginger ale, tea's, even hot chocolate. :)
 What ever foods make you feel good when your sick.
Always BOOST your immunity!
That being said, lets go on to "Healthy Manners":

1. Always WASH your HANDS! This is the easiest and best thing we can do for ourselves and others. It is always proper etiquette to wash your hands after bathroom use, and before and after eating.  In public places such as; hospitals, doctor and dentist offices, schools and churches, washing your hands is also necessary.   
Just about anywhere you go, 24/7/365, there are germs. You never know if someone is sick or other harmful germs are lurking about. Door handles, shopping carts, you name it, germs everywhere! 
I carry handi-wipes in my purse, have for years. Some stores are now providing wet-wipes near the shopping carts! That is wonderful! 
2. Upon sneezing or coughing, cover your mouth and nose properly. Meaning; NOT with your HAND! The proper way to handle this (and this is acceptable) is to turn your head to the right into your shoulder. OR cough or sneeze into your crooked elbow. 
You don't want to use your hand, you may have to shake hands later! 
Ew-wee, Smoo-ee! YUCK!
When you sneeze or even cough, excuse yourself and blow your nose. Then wash your hands, after disposing the tissue in the garbage. No one should hear you trying to breath through an open mouth or stuffy nose!
3. Breath through your nose as much as you can. Your nose was designed to FILTER out GERMS. You will stay healthier. Breathing through your nose is also good for your mouth and teeth too, keeping them healthier, as well! 
4. Kisses! Some people love to kiss you hello and goodbye. And that is fine. In some countries, a kiss on the cheek is a sign of respect. Expected even.
But if you are the kisser; closed lips, cheeks are best, and NEVER if you are SICK. 
If you are the receiver, there is nothing wrong with slightly turning your head and presenting your cheek. If you are SICK, it is your responsibility to inform the kisser.
The preference is YOURS how (or IF) you receive the kiss. 
No one should ever be offended when offering a "kiss of friendship," 
it should always be the receivers choice.  
And, finally, KISSING is usually reserved for people who know each other well!
5. Shaking hands with another is always proper etiquette and pretty much expected in the business world. You should always offer a handshake. 
*Note: There are some proper medical excuses that should be understood and need never explained. "If you have pain, refrain." Having a diagnosis of arthritis (3 types), I understand. There are times when I can't stand the thought of shaking hands. Just the thought of it makes me cringe with pain. You never know another persons reasons, just accept it.
 So consider any options /reasons that may apply.
There are some people that excuse themselves from shaking hands with the reason that they are SICK! Well, I am sorry but if they are SICK or they think they are SICK, WHY ARE THEY NOT HOME! They should be at home, PERIOD!
If you are the receiver of a handshake and you are not sure if the other person is SICK then excuse yourself, and wash your hands.
6. Be DISCREET and act RESPONSIVELY. If you are sick, take extra measures to protect others from your germs. If you or your child is sick, STAY HOME. (*People will respect "that" decision)
Give yourself 24-48 hours to recoup from your illness. 
It's the right and polite thing to do! 
Use your best manners when you are sick. Period!

Have a Healthy and Happy Holiday with Style...
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