Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kitchen Ready for the Holiday's...

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This looks like my first kitchen (the first home we bought), only I had turquoise appliances. A 1950's retro kitchen with levered windows and linoleum floors.

The Kitchen is Ready and Open for Business...
the Holidays are here!
Just a few tips to get the kitchen prepared for Holiday traffic. 
* Important to remember...# 12 can and should be repeated often!

1. Remove any clutter. Anything that can be removed to make more counter space. Move to the pantry, cupboards, or box till later.
2. Make a list...write everything down you need from the store.
Keep this list handy, it's gonna grow!
3. Make sure you have all your containers matched up with lids. 
You will want several sizes. 
4. Do you need; foil, plastic wrap, wax paper, zip lock bags, paper towels or napkins. Paper plates and bowls, don't forget plastic cups. Do you have enough coffee cups for coffee and hot chocolate? You might consider paper on these too! Less dishes, girls!
5. If your roasting pan needs a scrub; fill the sink with hot water, immerse the pan add 2 heaping spoons of dishwasher soap and soak overnight. In the morning, drain the sink and scrub with a steel wool pad. Wash, rinse and dry!
6. Make a habit to clean as you go. Wash, dry and put away. Straighten everything you can. This will make your life easier. Enlist family and friends to be Sous chefs, chief bottle washers and in charge of the towel drying. Let them be your clean up crew. NO..., "Wait Staff" sounds better!
7. Clean out the refrigerator, throw out anything thats past it's due date. Make room for all the extra space you'll need; like cookie and pie dough, extra eggs and butter, cheeses, etc. This will need to be a weekly chore through the holidays. If you are lucky enough to have two refrigerators, keep larger items in one, along with drinks. 
8. Plan your meals; making notes, menus, gather recipes, grocery lists, etc.
Read all of your recipes before you shop, and before you cook. Prepare what you can ahead of time. Don't forget to plan for your other meals. Simple, easy to fix recipes work best. Soups, Stews, Hot sandwiches, Pizza, etc. The family eats, 3 squares a day! :0
9. If you have special dishes you use during the holidays, make sure they are clean and ready to use. 
10. Clean the ovens and microwave now. You will want clean ovens for your baking. Wipe up spills as soon as they happen.
11. Set aside a day or two to do your holiday baking of gifts. Get them done and delivered before it gets too crazy. Make simple treats that look like you worked hard! Throw some flour on your face, and deliver. When they say thank you, "SIGH", it adds to you harried appearance! LOL
12. Then take the night off, put your feet up, have a glass of wine...put the "wait staff" to work cleaning up the kitchen! Put on a movie and enjoy that "little bit" of homemade candy you stashed away for yourself! 
I won't tell! :)
Keep your Style by Getting Your Rest...Oh, and Your WINE!
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P.S. Happy Birthday to "My Angel Baby"
"She is 7 years old today"
Love you, Nana

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