Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's the Season for Thank-you's!

While sitting in church several years ago, our Pastor commented on giving thanks.
Not only to God, but to the people around us, for being in our lives. This was around Thanksgiving and I thought this was a great idea.
photo by NeeCee
 So, I started a yearly tradition for myself. I make a small list, and send out thank you cards at Thanksgiving. I pick a hand full of people and write a small note to thank them for the difference they make in my life. Whether it be big or small, it all makes a difference. The response has been great.
 Sometimes, I wish I could be a little mouse in the corner. So I could see the question in their eyes regarding a thank you note arriving from nowhere. And the smile that follows when they read the thank-you note. 
I do love unexpected gestures of kindness! Who doesn't?
photo by NeeCee
 I have "surprised" a few people. They had no idea they made a difference, especially in MY life. I've even taken "it" a step further by writing letters to loved ones. Just to thank them for loving me and having a presence in my life. No matter if it was one day or years, big or small. I am so grateful to have done this in written form. Sometimes you can't quite say what or how you feel verbally. I know these have been well received, because I had a few long lasting hugs in return.
A few of these people have now passed away. So I am grateful to have shared my thoughts with them..."sooner because there was NO later". 
Giving Thanks is always appreciated. That's why WE need to do it more often. It's the right thing to do.

 Below is a list of (just a few) when to send to send a Thank You note:

Starting with gifts first, since the season is rapidly upon us. 
All gifts should be acknowledged with a verbal thank you if the giver is present.
A written Thank you should be sent within the week of receiving said gift. This pertains to any gift given for any occasion throughout the year. 
(Including wine & alcohol, food baskets, housewarming gifts....)
A lot of people say an immediate verbal thank you is sufficient. Today it is more acceptable, but it's still nice to receive a hand written thank you. Within your immediate family, this practice should be fine. Unless you're teaching children about sending thank-yous, then it would be a great way to teach them. 
Loved this Thank-you...found it on google images.
Only my kids would put $40.00 in the bank! I was tough! But then again, they never received anywhere near that amount! LOL
I always taught my children, if the gift was money, to explain how the money was going to be used. The grandparents and great-grandparents loved to know that some of the money would go into their savings accounts.
photo by NeeCee
Dinners or Parties:
A handwritten note to the host or hostess is a wonderful gesture on thanks and appreciation. These should be sent the day after the dinner/party. It is also proper to thank them verbally that evening or the next day by telephone. An email or text is also acceptable the next day. A handwritten note must still be sent.
photo by NeeCee
If you receive flowers a formal thank you is not necessary. However, a phone call or an email is always appreciated and a thoughtful gesture.
Job Interviews:
A thank you note, handwritten, is proper protocol following an interview. This is part of your first impression and sometimes crucial to the interview process. Make sure you take or ask for a business card after the first interview. You'll want to make sure you have the correct spelling of their name and address. Make sure to double check your grammar before sending the thank you card.
Wedding/Baby Showers:
Handwritten thank you cards are the most suitable way to express your sincere thoughts. Thank your guests for attending the event and mention the gift and/or use of said gift. Send them within a timely manner.
*I was so impressed with a Bride recently that I thanked her. She sent her thank yous out "within" a month of the wedding. 
There have been some, I have never received!
Big ticket items are best acknowledged with a handwritten thank you note. 
Smaller items, an email is sufficient. It is a kind gesture to thank them for your generosity.
Helping Hands:
Anyone who helps you with something; moving, painting, special yard work , etc. deserves a handwritten thank you. Driving you to the store or appointment, etc., an email in the form of a thank you will suffice. 

It's the season for Giving Thanks with Style...
To all of my members and followers for loving my blog...
May you have a blessed HOLIDAY SEASON...NeeCee

**All photo's belong to Pine Creek Style & some were found on Google Images.

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MrsOgg said...

Thanks for this great reminder, NeeCee. My mom always insisted we write thankyous. I didn't appreciate it much as a kid but, it definitely instilled it permanently in my concience. Hopefully this doesn't become a lost art.