Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lights Out? Problem Solved...

I received an email early this morning from my sister-in-law. "J" received the email from her sister-in-law in Florida. The email had a very simple solution for light when the power goes out! At this time of the year, power outages seem to happen more often. This solution is so simple you are going to wonder why YOU didn't think of it too!
 Solar Light Solution

1. Solar light/s
2. Vase, bottle or jar
3. Sand, rocks, marbles, etc.
 Anything to hold a solar light in place. 
 Place the Solar light in the center of the vessel. Place stone, sand, vase marbles, etc. around the base of the solar light.
Wah-La, light up the night! 
Ta-da...That was simple!  :)
 Use outdoors until you need them inside! Then they will always be ready and waiting.
Oh my, the possibilities are endless.
 Make a style that fits your decor, inside or out. Adjust the height to achieve different levels. 
Provides light for hours if the power is out. A great night light too!
Garnish with the current holiday decor or just about any other occasion. 
I found the "Joy" light along with the other solar lights at Target. I had the vases, sand and rocks on hand. The Christmas garland is part of my holiday decor collection. 
If the power goes out, light up with Style...
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Today is National Preemie Awareness Day!
Our Grand daughter Caidee, now 7 years old
Wear Pink/Blue in honor of ALL the Preemies...
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