Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ranch Scenes, a form of Art...

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Ranch Scenes, a form of Art...
When we were shipping and moving cattle in September, I took a lot of photos! Here are a few scenes from around the ranch. 
Art comes in so many forms, as does beauty. 
Too me, this is Art and Beauty in pure form. Simple ordinary everyday things. Sometimes the very things we overlook or take for granted,
 have a beauty of their own.
So, on this lovely fall day...the Ranch became Art!
"Oh, Chute!"
"Lonely, Old Chap!"
"There's still some board left on that fence! Gotta protect it!"
"Who lost a shoe???"
 "Just Weigh'n In!"
"This ought-a hold that gate open!"
 "Guardian of the Ranch House"
 "Towers of Power"
 "Old Water Gate"
 "Wait'n for the Gate"
"Madeline's Water Tower"
 "Waiting to Work"
 "Irrigation Gate"
"The Old Equipment Shed"

"Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder"
Showing-Off Ranch Style...
**All photo's belong to "Pine Creek Style by NeeCee"

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