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Holiday Check-List for the Bar & Glassware...

As the Holiday's approach, we need to be ready for guests and drop-ins.
 Below is a check list for the bar, barware and glassware. This is a great "To Do" job to get done ahead of time. Take time now, you will have enough to do later. Then all you need to do is replace supplies and change cocktail napkins throughout the Holidays!
(*I know...the dishes too! It's always the dishes....)
Champagne & Strawberries...Anyone?
A great home bar has an array of bar glasses. Every home is different, as is every host & hostess. Barware should reflect you and your style and your home.
You don't have to have every style of barware, some glasses have multiple uses, including serving desserts and appetizers.
Did you know...You can chill a bottle of White Wine by plunging it into a bucket of ice water for 30 minutes? Works great!

The basic bar glass wear should include:
Cocktail/Beer Glasses
1. 8-12, Old fashion glasses/on the rocks or short tumblers. 
These hold 8-10 ounces and serve for all types of mixed drinks.

2. 8-12, Highballs; used mostly for juice based drinks

3. 8-12, Y-shaped, Martini cocktails glasses

4. 8-12, beer or pilsner glasses

Wine & Water Glasses 
8-10 per style you choose to use...

1. Water:
A widemouth goblet that has a large bowl.

2. Bordeaux:
Smaller than a Burgundy glass, same size as the water goblet or slightly larger.
This glass is used to serve hearty red wines, such as Cabernets.
Brandy Balloon or Snifter:
 This is a wide base with a narrow chimney, that funnels aroma to your nose.
About four inches deep. This glass is for serving Brandy, Cognacs and such.

3. Flute:
Made for Champagne, it is tall and slender. This glass helps retain the bubbles from dissipating. 

4. White Wine:
White Wines are best served chilled. This glass is usually smaller than the Bordeaux glasses bowl and the opening is narrower, retaining the delicate scents.

5. Burgundy:
A very large, balloon shaped bowl for serving Burgundy's and delicate wines, such as Pinot Noir's. The extra space in the bowl allows the bouquet to gather.

6. Cordial:
This is a small glass used for "before and after" dinner liquor's.
The "Ulupalakua Red" is from Hawaii and bottled on Maui...Oh YUM!
Your entertaining style, entertaining budget and the type of cocktail party will determine how you will stock your bar or liquor cabinet. For cocktails; a variety of liquors, mixes and garnishes will be needed. Also a variety of bar glasses.
For a 2 hour party, allow a pound of ice for each guest, 3 drinks and 3 napkins.
Double for a 4 hour party. 
Don't forget to start a pot of Coffee!
Most liquors will keep indefinitely, but port, vermouth, and wine will spoil if left at room temperature once opened, store in the refrigerator.

Basic Checklist for Liquor & Beverages:
__ Hard Liquors: Gin, Rum, Vodka, Whiskey (Irish, Scotch, Bourbon, Rye)

__ Wine; Reds, Whites, Champagne...

__ Beer; domestic, imported, your favorites. At least 2/3 types.

__ Tequila (there are several types), & triple sec

__ Mixers and Soft drinks including water, soda water and tonic, cola, ginger ale,
a variety of juices.

__ Before & after dinner liquors; Cordials, Brandy, Cognac, etc...

__ Bitters, Worcestershire & Tabasco sauces, grenadine, flavored syrups....

__ Fresh garnishes; Mint, Lime, Lemon, cherries, olives, cocktail onions, etc...

__ Non-alcoholic beverages; wine, beer, sparkling cider, seltzer, sparkling and flat water.  
Checklist for Bar Tools:
__ Slotted spoon or strainer

__ Cocktail shaker

__ Paring knife and small cutting board

__ Jigger (marked w/levels in ounces)

__ Long handled cocktail spoon 
(slotted is nice because of juices, I use an slotted olive spoon...less mess)

__ Ice bucket with tongs or a scoop

__ Bottle opener

__Cork screw

__ Bottle stoppers and Pour spouts

__ Muddler, optional

__ Blender, optional

__ Bartender's guide, Cocktail recipe book

__ Swizzle sticks

__ Peeler or Zester, optional

__ Wine, Beer, Drink tags or markers, optional

__ Bar Towels and wash clothes or paper towels

__ Cocktail napkins

__ Coffee Maker, Coffee and Coffee Cups

__  And of Course...Assorted Cocktail Glasses

* It is always good to have snacks on hand; nuts, snack mix, etc....
Set several bowls about the room for easy access.

Bar's Open...
Serve Your Holiday Guests with Style...
**So many ways to display your corks. I use a very large clear glass vase. I mark the level of each year's corks with a piece of string and a wine tag. On the wine tag I write the year. On the Piano, I have an over-sized Brandy sniffer with corks, this works well for oversized corks.
 Would love to see or hear how you store your corks!
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