Thursday, December 1, 2011

Candy Pops...Easy to make & Fun to Eat...

The "cake pops" are "all the rage" in deserts, and cute too! A very creative idea, but can be a lot of work. I came up with an idea that is quick and easy. My cousin came over to help make candy for the Thanksgiving holiday. The project went fast and we were done in no time. It was great because we had other baking to be done that day. So, what did we use? Instead of baking a cake, and adding more ingredients after it cooled, crumbled, mix and MORE...Oh MY...we found a compromise. We bought, donut holes, (in two flavors), rice krispy treats and large marsh mellows. We also used; chocolate candy brick, candy sprinkles and small skewer sticks (we couldn't find lollipop sticks). See the recipe and directions below. "Easy Peasy"...and the grand kids LOVED them!
NeeCee's Candy Pop's
 When the Candy Pops were done, I placed them in flower pots to display! *I used styrofoam to hold the pops in place upright!
 Gather together:
Large marsh mellows
Store bought donut holes
Rice Krispy Treats
Assorted candy sprinkles
1 candy brick
Melt the chocolate brick according to the directions in the microwave. Place a donut hole on the lollipop stick. Dip in the melted chocolate, add candy sprinkles.
And...then repeat!
 We had seen an inverted colander used to hold cake pops while "drying" on Pinterest. Great idea! BUT...it didn't work with OUR skewer sticks! So we used an inverted box covered with foil and punched holes to hold OUR Candy Pops. It worked okay, but next time I will try to find the lollipop sticks. :)
Marsh Mellow Pop
 These marsh mellows worked great!
 The flower pot idea worked great and looked CUTE!
 So fast, EASY...and Yummy too!  And in NO time, you have a fun treat. So easy you'll have to throw some "flour" on your face to look like you worked hard! 
LOL :)
 This is a fun project to make with the kids and they are great gifts too!
Well,... THAT was EASY!
Effortless Style...

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Unknown said...

I made cake pops this season but it was a little time consuming....I love the store bought donut hole idea! Will definitely try them for Valentine's Day. Thanx for the idea ;) RaeC