Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm going to S.O.P. with Style...

I was asked what my New Year's resolution was this year... 
Being a little SASSY, I said,"S.O.P.!" A very puzzled look was given.
 So I replied, "SORT, ORGANIZE and PURGE! 

We have been remodeling and building the last several months. I have had houses built but NEVER remodeled. It is different! I don't like being unorganized. 
And being very busy with life in general doesn't help either! 
We have a new laundry room that needs finishing touches. A new shop with office space, not finished. AND a partial courtyard fence being...expanded! 
Photo by NeeCee
Why is it the room you need finished yesterday takes the longest? So Christmas has come and gone and I need storage space. My closets were bulging with holiday items in need of a storage room. There is one in the shop thats not finished, Y.E.T.!!! So I am stacking, upon stacking tubs & bins in the garage.
Oh MY!
While I am trying to organize around the remodeling, I feel like I am shuffling my rooms (& things ) around! Do you ever feel like you're playing that little puzzle game with the numbers on it? You know the one...where you shuffle the square numbered tiles around while trying to organize the numbers! 


My Granny use to tell me when I was frustrated, "Grin & Bare It!" 
And then...once in a while when I was REALLY frustrated she would add;

 " In other words... BITE thy tongue till it BLEEDS NeeCee!" 
She had a way of puttn' things! 
One day, I told her over the phone, "Granny...I'm tasting BLOOD today!"
She laughed and said, " At least it's YOURS!
We LAUGHED together! I loved her phone calls. I always hated to hang up.
She (Granny) had a wonderful sense of style. I strive to be like her!
 Don't know if I will EVER be ABLE to fill her shoes.
Off to my S.O.P. duties...Have a GREAT DAY!
Cleaning the house with Style...
*All photos courtesy of Pinterest, unless noted otherwise.

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