Thursday, February 9, 2012

Granny is getting ready for Valentines Day...

Valentine's Day is soon!
THIS week I spent some time with the grand kids in the central valley. A granddaughter was celebrating a 12th birthday. As usual with 5 kids in the house there was more than just a birthday happening. Needless to say the day of 
"The Birthday" there was an older grand child's basketball game.
 Everyone took it all in stride, the birthday was strung out over the week. 
Ya do what Ya gotta do! No biggie, No brain er! 
Six of one, half dozen of another!
So, we carried on. Basketball game was awesome. The varsity girls won their game. It was very exciting. The birthday girl didn't seem to mind, just another day. Besides, she had celebrations as they fit in, before & after the game on Monday, Wednesday night dinner with MOST of the family (yes, more activities) and a slumber party with friends on the (coming) weekend.
Several of our grand kids play basketball among other activities. 

THEY are "ALL" use to the stop, go & hurry-up action packed lifestyle.
 It really is "the way of the world" when you are a parent or a grandparent!
Anyway, I was ALSO busy; cooking and doing valentine projects. Here are a few of the projects we did while I was in the central valley.
 By-the-by, the recipe posting this Friday was part of the birthday dinner....
IT was YUMMY! 
So check back Friday for the recipes. 
(Found this idea on Pinterest linked to this site...Hellogiggles.)
 I made t-shirt scarves for the 7 granddaughters for Valentine's Day. We added some cute watches I found on clearance at TARGET!  Can't tell by the photo but, the scarves are PINK & PURPLE!!! 
I found several choices of flowers (@Michael's) to clip on the scarves. Oh and butterflies too. Cute, Cute, Cute! 
So inexpensive that I still have "folding money in my pocketbook"; as Granny use to say! For the boys...they got T-Shirts to wear and a watch!
 While Raelyn and I were at Michael's, we saw a cute idea!
 ONLY I think we made it CUTER! And less expensive! 
 So we bought some supplies. The project took minutes to put together.
The results were so cute! 
You will need:
Drinking glasses (we used wine and champagne glasses),
 glass beads (we used pink & red), valentines, drinking straws, valentine notes, white paper roses, faux strawberries, scissors and a hole punch.
 They look like little parfait's
 We made them to use as name/place cards at the table. We made a set for each couple in our family. 
 The backside of the Valentine cards.
 My daughter will love them!
 Next we wanted to make Teachers gifts (and others) for Valentine's Day.
These turned out adorable! I had seen 2 of the 4 on Pinterest!
 How CUTE is this?
You will need:
Construction Paper, rolo candy, candy kisses, hot glue gun, scotch tape and a real pencil for marking
 Just took moments to make! All the kids LOVED these!!
 For my Hubby; I used 3 rolo packages, red construction paper, scissors, pencil, pipe cleaners, scotch tape and valentine tags.
 Cover all three with red paper...
 Here are two versions of what to write to your Valentine. CUTE!
 A cigar & a flare...
 These were fun to make, simple and easy.
Wait till you see what we did with this sign!!! Posting coming SOON!
Having fun with Style...
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raelyn said...

Had a blast Mom!!! The kids will love them!!! So fun, so easy and a great day spent with you!! Xoxo

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

awesome project!!! so glad you found me at the trendy tree house! i am now your newest follower...hugs...

Shelia said...

Hi NeeCee! Oh, aren't you the crafty one? Seeing those Rolos made me think of Dy No Mite on Good Times way back in the 70s! ;) So glad you popped in to see me and liked my little felt Scotties! I have a mini Schnauzer and always think my little dog looks like a Scottie, she's black!
I'm your newest follower.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

NeeCee said...

HaHa....I thought the same thing! but I have to give credit where credit is due....Raelyn came up with that one! It's kinda funny....the OLD Lady came up with "you're the Bomb!" and the KID came up with "U R Dynamite!"...she's probably NEVER heard of JJ....hehe