Friday, February 10, 2012

A note from NeeCee.....

"We arrived home well after midnight!"
Due to travel and arriving home very late...my Friday post will be posted later than usual. BUT...it will be posted Friday as promised, earlier this week!

 I helped make a tasty birthday dinner...meat and veggie kabobs with desert kabobs! YUM....worth waiting a few hours more...I promise! I will post them asap!!! So please check back soon, I will try to post before noon, west coast (USA) time.

       A very tasty dinner & desert!
Hubby worked late...and we squeezed in another basketball game (our oldest grandaughter is a senior in high school...so we WANT to see as many games as we CAN)! The game was about 40 minutes north of her school so, we left from there! Gotta be there for the KIDS!

Psst...The girls WON, 41-28!

Thanks for understanding....
All my readers have STYLE...Family Comes First...ALWAYS!
*all photos belong to NeeCee @ Pine Creek Style

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