Friday, February 17, 2012

Life Interrupted...

Isn't it funny how LIFE is sailing along on a Sea of Calm and... WHAM! 
 ...Out of nowhere you hit an ICEBERG!
WHOA...What just HAPPENED?
Well, LIFE did! It wasn't a bad thing it was a good thing! But I had to drop and RUN! So needless to say, my post for Friday is later than usual...
...BUT it is STILL Friday.
Just a case of Life Interrupt-US! LOL ....
 AT least is wasn't an S.O.S!
Any-hoo, I am writing my Friday post as we speak....It will be posted soon.
The recipe feature today is a gourmet Philly Cheese steak!
 It is awesome, I consider this a definite Comfort food.
It's gonna Give your Taste Buds Style....
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