Friday, March 9, 2012

A Neighborhood Gathering of Food...

Last weekend we had a neighborhood gathering.
 The food was delish!
 I made these Anti-Pasta Kabob's....Yum
I had seen these Anti-Pasto kabobs on Pinterest....And it gave me the idea for our party. I didn't have the tortellini available at my store so I used my own recipe. The original idea/recipe may be found at thehungryhousewife blog or through my Pinterest page on this blog; Pine Creek Style. 
 You will need:
24 Kabob's
1 1/2 packages of Peppered Salami, thin slices
1 package of mozzarella cheese, cubed
1 bag of cherry tomatoes, washed
1 jar of cocktail onions
1 jar of green/pimento stuffed olives, queen size
4 bell peppers, yellow, red, orange & green, cut into large chunks
1 bottle of white balsamic dressing, for marinating
24 kabob skewers 
 Prepare, cut and gather everything to assemble kabobs.
 Layer ingredients as desired but start and end with a chunk of mozzarella cheese.
 Repeat until you have 2 dozen kabobs. Place the kabobs in a sealed container adding......1 full bottle of White Balsamic Dressing or a dressing of your choice. *Drizzle the dressing across the layers of kabob's. **Make ahead at least 4-6 hours before of serving, store in the refrigerator while marinating. **You may also make up kabob's up to 24 hours before serving. Every hour, turn container upside down to distribute the dressing evenly.
Serve just as they are, cooled and marinated. Great for a hot day!
 Since St. Patty's Day is this month, I used this theme for the party. Everyone brought something to share. It was amazingly simple and everything was wonderful.
 An array of sausages & mustard's....Yum! 
 Salami Pasta Salad....Very Good!
 Beautiful Beef Pastry with red peppers and cheese.
 Strawberries, Brownies & Dip....Delish!
BBQ Chicken Wings....Yummy!
 Fresh fruit with Yogurt...Refreshing!
 Two Types of Meaty Meatballs....Double the Yum!
And....The Anti-Pasta Kabobs.....The party was food-a-lishious!!!
It was amazing how everything melded together presenting a beautiful smorgasbord of choices.
 (We had a few other food choices too!  Cookies, Bacon Wrapped Dates, More Meatballs...Great Selections all around!)
Our Neighborhood Party was Successfully 
Packed with Style!  
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Life Happens said...

Wow, all that looks so yummy!

NeeCee said...

It WAS! And such an easy clean-up too. It was one of those gatherings where everything fell into place and was easy-peasy....:). Gotta love it!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Wow! Everything looks awesome! LOVE those Kabobs though! I think the kids would find them fun for on-the-go lunches! Stopping by and following!