Monday, March 12, 2012

A Girl Can Dream...

A Girl can Dream...
Who wouldn't want to dream this dream? Shoes galore and some where to put them.  I pinned this from Pinterest; Shoe Closet from instyle.com, 
see my Pinterest page.
But REALLY, how many of us are EVER going to get this Shoe Closet?! 
SO....I came up with a solution for MY shoes! And I LOVE it!
 This is a built in Armoire in my bedroom!
 We didn't really need this built-in storage....(or so I thought...). We had enough dressers for our room.  
After seeing all those beautiful closets on Pinterest and pining for something I could NEVER have....
I pulled up the big girl panties and carried on!
A solution popped in my head! SHOE Closet!!! Duh...I have one!
  I put all my flats in the smaller drawers. Amazingly, they fit awfully well.
 In the deeper drawers I put lower heeled shoes! Once again, these drawers held SOooo many shoes amazingly well!
 So for the high heels, I need to find a way to hold two rows of heels on each shelf! I had seen some cute solutions but they wouldn't work for me!
 Inside the Armoire were pre-drilled holes, in order to adjust shelves.
 So using the tools above....I attached some eye screws evenly, on each side of the Armoire fitting just inside the pre-drilled holes. They securely screwed into the wall. Yet, didn't ruin the existing hole. (*This way it could be easily changed back into the original use of storage) Then I tied some twine I had on hand to each eye screw. See below...
 Perfect! Just what I needed. NOW two rows of shoes fit perfectly.
 Yes...I have stickers in some of my shoes! TJ Maxx...gotta love them! But...What kind of SUPER glue do they use on the back of those stickers??? 
I'd love to have some of that glue!
 I love how it turned out! It's been a few days and it is working out great!
 And it looks great too. So easy to keep organized! YEAH!!!
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The Single Nester said...

What a great idea to hang your shoes in an armoire using rope. Yes, we can all dream to have such an awesome closet.

NeeCee said...

Thanks...it's working well for me and easy to put back to the original use if I wish.