Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday The 13th...

Friday the 13th...
Is our lucky day! One of our Grandson's was lucky enough born on a Friday the 13th. Our family has always made this number our lucky number. The kids and grand kids purposely pick this number in sports. Most of the time, other kids DON'T want THAT NUMBER!
 We joke that if we didn't have bad luck WE wouldn't have any LUCK at all.
So...we embrace the lonely number 13.
 Somebody has to....RIGHT?
We don't pay much attention to superstition.
 There is one good thing about the number 13 that comes to mind...
A Baker's Dozen!
I'm NOT opposed to a Baker's Dozen (13) at all...
Who doesn't love donut's? See... there is something good about the number 13.
Have a happy Friday the 13th.
Speaking of the number 13...I am (& have been) posting fewer posts for about thirteen days.
I am taking a few days away from the blog during Spring Break to celebrate the blogs one year anniversary. Soon we will be back to our normal schedule.
Tara, my daughter, from The Trendy Treehouse will be posting her Blog Hop here on Wednesdays. We are excited to share other bloggers with our readers.
I know you will ENJOY seeing some of these other Blogger's sites. There's a lot of good ideas in Blog Land!
Hope everyone had a fun Easter!
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