Saturday, June 23, 2012

French Style Lamp Shade....

My French Style Lamp Shade...
I am slowly working on my new studio! I had seen a vintage lampshade cover in a catalog. They said it was a Parisian Lampshade Cover.
 It was a little more frilly, a muslin style fabric with a satin tie. Loved the look NOT the price. So I fashioned one that would fit my decor at a fraction of the cost.
 Lamp shade before...
 Measure the circumference of the shade. Cut your fabric at least 1 1/2 times the size of your measurement. Larger if you want it gathered more.
 Measure the length of the shade and leave room for the hem.
I choose burlap for my fabric.
 I sewed the fabric together to create one large continuous piece. Then I hemmed the top to create top casing for the muslin ribbon.
 Iron the seam in place.
 The marking above my guide for my casing ribbon. 
 I sewed around my mark so I could cut a slit to slide the ribbon through. This keeps the fabric from unraveling. 
 I used a piece of muslin on the backside to reinforce the opening for the casing ribbon.
 After the slit was sewn, I trimmed the fabric.
 I then hemmed the top casing.
 I used an old pillow case as my ribbon for the casing.
 I left the edges un-hemmed, and then ran my hands up & down the fabric.
I wanted an unfinished look.
 I used a safety pin to guide the ribbon fabric through the casing. 
 The ribbon is through the casing. And the bottom is hemmed.
Simply place the new cover over the top of the lampshade and tie the ribbon into a bow.
 And we are DONE! A quick and easy project. And I am pleased with the results.
Light Your Room with Style....
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