Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vintage Bird Cage Stand Re purposed...

A re purposed Vintage Bird Cage Stand be comes my French Style Clothes Rail. There are several styles of french clothing racks/rails. Some are very ornate. I had seen one in a catalog that I absolutely LOVED! BUT, I couldn't bring myself to pay the big bucks$$$. 
My inner voice was screaming at ME..."No WAY", NeeCee! So, I listen to my self and resisted!
It wasn't too hard really, to resist. I just couldn't justify the $$$.
So I came up with an easy solution.
See the photo's below.......
Here are three styles of french clothes rails.
 There are so many choices... 

*The above photos are from google free images
I was browsing in a window of an antique shop. The shop was closed and I had a full day. I had been waiting for a 9am appointment nearby and didn't have time to go back when the store was opened.
So I called a friend for assistance! She was happy to oblige.
What I saw in the window of the Antique store.
My friend, "K", went to the store on her lunch hour! YEAH!!!!
Mission accomplished! Purchase complete!
Turns out...a heck of a deal, for a fraction of the cost. 
See how it looks below... 
I LOVE My Bird Stand/French Style Clothes Rail!
The colors matched my bedroom :)
I like to have my clothes ready & waiting when possible, for the next days wearing. Or, when I am getting ready for an evening out. 
It also gives me the opportunity to choose matching jewelry, shoes, purses, etc...... 
Dressing for Success & Style...
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Lynn said...

What a great find, and I love the way you are using it! I just joined your lovely blog, Hugs, Lynn

NeeCee said...

Thank you Lynn for all of the lovely comments....glad to have you join us;) NeeCee