Monday, June 11, 2012

Move Over Sister....

The oldest grand daughter just graduated from High school and started summer session at college. 
*(All in ONE week, makes feel old!) 
The next sister, down the line, made an announcement! 
Nothing humble about her...."MOVE OVER SISTER, you're in my room!!!"
*Before I started painting, I branded the wall!
(One wall had been sponge painted when used as an office. Not too cute with purple paint!)
We live right behind our Son's house on the ranch, sharing the backyard. So in order to give the recent graduate some space of her own....We gave her part of our home to call her own. This allowed the NEXT oldest, of 4 girls, to move into HER own room!
 K-8, The Great...a few years back
 Her new room re-do! This room was WHITE!!!!
K-8 loves color, the color PURPLE is her fave. I had started painting her wall purple, but the project was going to be two-fold. AND, about two weeks apart! 
Rae to the rescue....
She came next door and did everything....room painted and decorated! Everything looks so CUTE. 
CUTE-O's to Rae! The room was a SURPRISE for K-8 and she LOVED it.
*(And a wonderful surprise to a very grateful ME to have the room done)
Of course there was NO pressure from Beauty (the 2nd in line) who was biting at the bit to conquer the beloved bedroom for ONE in Dad's house!
..As echo's of "Move Over Sister" bounced in our HEADS!
K-8 & Beauty helping Nana work in the garden.  A few years back. 
Sister's we are, Sister's we'll be... with Style
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Beauty's new room will be showcased soon! Stay tuned...

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