Friday, June 15, 2012

Thrift Store Find that Rocks...

Happened to walk into a thrift store at the right time! I have been looking for furniture pieces for K-8! Now that the Oldest grand daughter is college bound, furniture is needed!
The girl loves PURPLE!!!
 This is how the nightstand looked when I found it! A Peachy/Pink, late fifties, early sixties style nightstand that need a little sanding and some new paint.
 And a much needed NEW knob! The price of this solid, well built nightstand? $6.50
But, w-a-i-t.... it was HALF PRICE DAY! Yup.... I paid only,
As the kids say..."That Rocks!"
 So I brought it home to K-8! And she did the cleaning and light sanding!
(Yeah, works for ME!)
 We bought 2 cans of PURPLE spray paint and one drawer knob!
Spent less than $10.
We sprayed it upside down first! Then we went to dinner! 
(Whew, TOUGH job!!!)
 After dinner, we flipped it over and spray painted the other side!
 We LOVED this crystal knob we found at Orchard Supply.
The results were awesome! K-8 was HAPPY!
Too Cute! OH, I meant...
This Nightstand Rocks with Style...
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Once again, BEFORE... ;)

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