Sunday, July 1, 2012

4th of July Tablescape

Happy 4th of July...
Our 4th of July Table
Mason jars will serve as drinking glasses. Until they are used, they hold a napkin and silverware for each place setting.
I love the simplicity of the look.
The theme for the table of course is the 4th of July. But I wanted to use my antique Milk Bottles with my white dishes. The napkins in the Mason/Kerr jars help hold the silverware in place. I love how napkins lend the look of milk in the jars. Two larger milk creamers (see the white cows) grace the frontside of the table.
I have cow creamers sitting on both sides of the large Milk Bottles in the center of the table.
The small milk bottles (to the right) are used in place of name plates. The milk bottles are filled with white sand to represent milk.
Salt & Pepper ready & waiting to serve the guests.
I have several Milk Bottles in my collection.
Another favorite Milk Bottle displayed.
My "napkins" are really inexpensive wash clothes that I picked up on clearance at Target. I often use this style of Picnic or BBQ napkins (as we call them); wash clothes and/or paper towels. I love using the wash clothes, because they may be used damp! Especially when I'm serving foods such as RIBS!
I used a quarter fold on the napkin/wash cloth (longways) and placed the silverware on top.
Then I rolled the napkin around the silverware.
The rolled napkin was placed into the Mason/Kerr Jar. Providing great support for the silverware and a great finished look for each of the table settings.
Celebrating the Fourth with Style...
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Have a Safe & Happy 4th of July ... 

Kitchen tip from NeeCee....
A simple way to present your drinking glass, napkin and silverware for casual dinners and BBQ's.  :)

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