Friday, July 20, 2012

A Sweet & Petite Antique...

A sweet, petite antique dresser is restored to it's rightful beauty.  This was at a local thrift store, just quietly waiting till I walked in the door.
 I was DRAWN to this DRESSER, from ACROSS the STORE, Almost IMMEDIATELY!
 She was very well built and the drawers slid easily when opened or closed. The drawer pulls were in great condition, just needed cleaning.
 She just needed to be LOVED! ...
 Something or someone didn't appreciate her beauty. She was scratched in several places.
 The drawer pulls needed a scrub.
 The dresser had a beautiful grain on the top...once it was sanded.
 It also had a large nick in the front on the second row!
 The hard ware needed to be scrubbed. I used Bar Keepers Friend and made a paste using the water and cleanser. 
 After the paste sat on the pulls to loosen dirt, I used an old soft toothbrush to scrub the hardware. Then I washed it off.   
 The dresser is finished with the re-staining and the drawers are next!
 The bones of the antique lady were strong. 
"She was well BUILT!"
 When a piece of antique furniture is this nice, I just CAN'T make myself paint it!
 I used a dark walnut stain in paste form. Just brushed it on with the grain, then wiped it off, while buffing.
 I used a low sheen satin clear coat for the last layer. Then used double 00 steel wool to finish, giving the dresser a smooth finish. 
 The grain looks gorgeous!
I am in LOVE with her Classic Style...
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A Bird's Eye View!


Anonymous said...

Your dresser turned out fabulous, NeeCee! Like you, I have a hard time convincing myself to cover a quality-made piece of furniture with paint. Especially if it's an antique. And, I love the pulls! Ironically, they look identical to the pulls I put on a cabinet I'm currently working on.

NeeCee said...

Thank you for the lovely comment.....I love the drawer pulls, so classy and refined. Beautiful wood needs to show it's beauty. ;)